Gorizont-- Horizon Subdivision

Hello everyone!

I think, it’s time for the clan to merge with The Horizon clan!

We are a subdivision, mainly for the purpose of easier tactical coordination in smaller groups.

A message to everyone: If you feel that one of the subdivision members is acting inappropriate, like breaking server rules or something, if you can inform me of that, please do so. This will help to maintain a healthy environment.

Rules of the Subdivision:
Stay civil. Under no circumstances, do not break into insults. No passive-aggressive attitude, no matter how tempting it may be. Stay positive, polite and friendly. If you can’t- just keep silence or quit. It’s a game after all, don’t get angry because of it.
Basically, it’s the only rule of the clan.

Clan Leader- @avarthar
Subdivision Overseer- @AutumnLegends
Subdivision Warrior- @Asmodei
Subdivision Warrior- @DrFilpot

All future members will be either newbies or senior subdivision roles, if you are in the Horizon clan.
To be accepted to the subdivision you should do the following:
If you are a Horizon clan member: just ask and you will be added.
If you are not, then follow the standard proxedure-
State your name, other clan experience, why would you like to join.


Hi. :slight_smile: .


Hey, your account is unblocked! Nice to see! :slight_smile:
Anyway, we have three active members, are we an official clan yet? :smile:


May our new Age be bright.


We are starting training in 30 minutes, if any is up for it, feel free to join!

For anyone who wants to talk during dev games, training and other stuff, message me to get my Skype an Discord info

Training result: got annihilated.


Next training:
Sunday, 20-00, GMT+3

Everyone is welcomed to join!

Our clan is gathering now!
Feel free to join!