Grangerhub Olympics

Just wanted to see if there would be any interest in partaking in a world wide tremulous olymics. Players from specific countries battling against other countries for the title. Can be set up in a bracket style. Countries with few players could merge with other small player count countries. Any interest?


aight by me but we also need to divide by states then for usa, otherwise usa would rape everything (prolly still will but oh well)


With the current size of the player base, some states will probably have only a few to no players. Lets get people signed up and ask them to indicate the state/province/region/country they are representing, and then we can determine how to divide teams up geographically. Then bracketed matches can take place for determining which teams would represent larger geographic areas.

yeah that’s fine sparky i just wanted to say that it isn’t fair to sign up a NA team of 4 players, that can be chosen from anywhere from NA, that would be unfair as it is such a large continent, eu would easily beat na if they could do the same thing. Uk or france will probably take it imo

There are large percentages of players from the US and Canada.

also teams should probably consist of 6 players each.

I’d be interested in doing this. I don’t know how many people are from the UK, though.

At least five active that I can think of immediately including yourself.

-oblivion (his trem is broke I think tho)
-aer (Not sure if British)
-Rohan? (i guess he could choose between US and UK)


The two latter claiming to have left but I see Hobbit frequently.

No Rohan is not a native Englishman but he´s been there for some time and played with the ping associated.

Vape(Hes on all the time)

I thought that you and bird are in the US in my time zone. Did you guys move to the UK?

All the people in that list are from the US.

Hero is Canadian I think

Basically the same thing, eh?

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Could have a Commonwealth team where the UK, Canada and Austrailia fight for our glorious queen

If we can pull together a Canadian team I’d be more than happy to participate. Otherwise I’d side with my American friends.

A commonwealth team could be interesting.

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Pick a side already, and don’t say Earth.

Italy has no good active players any more, we all know an Olympics setting would reach a UK and US final.

Although Poland with Desala as captain would be brutal.

yeah and france would probably come in third, after that it’s basically one man army teams

I did pick a side.

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