GrangerPub/GrangerClub showing as offline on

I’ve noticed that the gametracker always shows all of your servers as offline. How come?

That is odd, GrangerPub, GrangerClub, and test7341 are still online (and even at this moment there are 6 players playing on GrangerPub). I’ll ping @romdos to look into it. GrangerPub did experience a network attack from someone earlier in the week that caused major lag issues for the players on the server, it could be that this is a residual issue.

I should also mention that GrangerPub, GrangerClub, and test7341 are game servers while GrangerHub is a place that supports and serves the Tremulous community, including the players, independently owned servers, modders, mappers, clans, and other Tremulous projects that choose to participate with GrangerHub to various extents.

It just happens that one of the founders of GrangerHub is also the server owner of GrangerPub, GrangerClub and test7341. But we plan on keeping those servers open to anyone who wants to play there, and we will be updating GrangerPub and GrangerClub as soon as the 1.3 Vanilla game mode (which is 1.1 vanilla game play ported over to 1.3) is ready for active daily use.