Guid reset itself?

It seems that trem goofed up some how and reset my guid. when i was on ealier i still had the same guid i’ve had for years. i logged on this morning though and i now have a new guid and claims my name is in use by another admin… lol Any idea on how i can fix this without loosing my guid? If i have to i’ll just have someone reset my level for me but is there a way to fix this?

Were you connecting to the server with one of the other ports than the one for 1.1 clients? (assuming that you usually connect via the port for 1.1 clients).

i connected the same i normally do. using the masterlist with a 1.1 tremfusion client. This is the first time i’ve had my guid/qkey reset on its own in 2 years. was there some recent changes to the slacker base folder where it could be using a new qkey?

lol my one and only qkey i can find claims it hasnt been edited since 2012. so could trem just not be registering it for what ever reason?

Sorry kind of clueless when it comes to this

Could it be a problem with cl _serverUniqGUID (or whatever the command is)? If it’s set to the wrong option somehow or if the server is located at a new IP/port, it would change your GUID for the server.

Worst case scenario would be you deleted your qkey file, and you just have to get your level reset. If the qkey file was modified or deleted, you will not be able to regain that GUID without a GUID modifier (and the full old GUID) or without a backup of your qkey.


If you register with a new name and lemme know what it is I’ll set you back again Effect.

registered under “Effect” on all 3 servers now.

Setleveled on all 3 servers.

Maybe someone will have a good idea on why your GUID randomly messed itself up…

From the sounds of it, somehow his qkey got altered/moved/deleted? The ip address and ports of the servers didn’t change (otherwise we all would be having this problem).

thanks man.

Yeah. idk what happened. really weird.

I have an issue with the server unique guid. My configuration in gpp/ has it set to one value, then the slacker/ seems to have different ideas. So first connect to the server, I have the wrong guid, but after a reconnect it is fixed. This was really odd for me to track down, and would require about 4 server connections to resolve the conflict to the same degree that I currently have.

E.g., when I am “Sed” my guid is wrong. But when im blowFish, my guid is working. This is my current experience, YMMV.

In the folder that contains your base folder, go to the slacker folder and go to the autogen.cfg in it. Find the value, set it to 1. Then start up Trem, and before connecting, do cl_guidServerUniq 1. That will set it in both of your autogens.

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