So apparently if you join grangerhub with thz you get kicked but not with nullify or a similar hack. Is anything going to be done? because I don’t like cheaters ruining the whole game.

aimer scums

How could you possibly be aware of which hacks are compatible with the game server?


Someone told me (I forgot their name) about hacks you can use in pm but I ignored them.
I don’t personally use hacks because it’s an unfair advantage to other players.

Oh, I wonder who it could be.

I died when I read Ckit’s comments. Straight fire brother.

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i somehow doubt that. because GrangerHub actually accommodates THZ development in its set of TOP™  SECRET(C)  REPOSITORY(R)s.

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Anyways neither THZ/Nullify will work on the grangerhub servers.

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Thx for not sharing my name Truck this is between me nd u

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the secret to tremulous is injecting thz hacks into your bloodstream via usb syringe. ever wonder why i am so pro? theres your answer. i am part-trem irl.

Not true. Some people use the hack on grangerhub server.

Not to be overly flippant on your threat here man, but I’ve noticed that certain hacks are allowed on the Granger servers. Camp bots are used frequently and I haven’t noticed anybody do anything about them.

Pounce bots on the 'goons also tend to show up a lot when I play. Backpedal bots occur when lasguns and massdrivers come out, it’s insane.

So don’t worry, even if THZ isn’t allowed there’s a large range of other hacks for you to choose from.

Hope my comments helped. Good luck sir.


You forgot about the almighty and fearful goon snipe aimbot.

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Yes sorry about that one sometimes it works too well :sweat_smile:

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I think I need a break from Trem. The game is filled to the brim with camp, poor teamwork and hackers. smh

The primary reason most aimbot programs are incompatible our servers at the moment is because we have not released the new code yet. This may change once we do release. We can always work to fix vulnerabilities, but, there would always be new hacks for as long as anyone works to develop them.

We can’t make hacking/cheating/griefing/evaders impossible, however, what we are doing is developing a new admin system and new tools to make catching hackers, cheaters, and griefers easier for admins to address. Such tools include but are not limited to the new karma system, spectator wall vision, global admin commands, a new authentication system, a greatly improved voting system, and more. We are certainly open to consider new innovative ideas to address these issues.

Regarding the problems of camping and teamwork, we are working on new features in the game play and in the ui to help address both those issues, and we are making some pretty good progress in those areas, although that is best discussed in other topics, as this topic is about hacking primarily.

So basically VAC for Trem?

Not really. VAC is kind of like Jesus, watching network and client traffic for anything funny while at the same time trying to make itself difficult to understand from most users.

Making a open-source game difficult to hack is a pain in the ass for the people who are basically doing the programming bitch job for 0 pay, even with a proprietary closed-source solution. As Sparky was trying to get across, the best solution for the near future is having a robust administration system to deter these issues as fast as possible.

I do not envy the developers.

Tremulous is always open to anyone willing to improve it, fam. :alien:


ik I should prob just stay quiet to avoid saying something stupid, but:

Truck, hackers are not a real problem because there are people who can spot them, and in the few cases where they are almost impossible to distinguish from legit players it doesn’t really matter either, because a: they are few and b: to use a hack while doing your utmost to avoid being spotted means that you lose most of the advantage it gives you, and this is true for all hacks not just bots.

The effort spent trying to conceal your activity ends up costing more and giving less than just playing fair and square.

However the stuff about hacks being incompatible with ghub is inaccurate, full hacks from either 1.1 or gpp should both work on ghub regardless of how much it changes, and the only real tool to control it remains the same as it has always been: vigilant admins.

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