Having evos and credits accessable in a single team pool, rather than having credits/evos allocated to each individual player

Should evos/credits be directly accessible by teammates in a single shared pool for each team, instead of evos/credits being allocated for each team?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but with some changes (please elaborate by posting on this topic)
  • No

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This is essentially done with share and donate (both of which are used in scrims besides pub servers), but (especially with share) takes extra time/effort/coordination to first of all figure out who needs what, and then to carry through with the exchange. I think this feature would allow the game to play a bit smoother.

This is so awkwardly worded.

If what you’re trying to say is that when a player donates an evo, the evo goes into a pool that the whole team can draw upon as needed, then I support this notion.

I find myself donating over 50 evos in a full length pub game, it would be nice if my team could draw from a pool as needed instead of going to a random player who may or may not need the evo.

no. instead of this better improve the way /donate works. i donate constantly and i would like evos go to most valuable players first

The wording of this post is incredibly imprecise and I am not entirely sure what you mean. If you are saying that nobody has their own evos and everyone shares all the evos, that would be utterly terrible except for scrims. If you mean what Hero has said, then that sounds fine.

Those are both viable alternatives, but what I’m suggesting is replacing individual player evos/credits completely with share evo/credit team pools that have a maximum equal to the previous individual player credit/evo maximums times the number of players on your team. So when any player earns evos/credits, that is instantly accessible by any player on your team for immediate direct use for evolving/buying.

I think this kind of shared team pool replacement would achieve the same end results as the alternatives, but greatly simplifies the process.

So I have to give my hard earned evos, which could give me 5 more basilisk lives, to my significantly worse teammates who will waste all of them on a single tyrant and then die stupidly. Yeah, no. Nobody would EVER go for this plan. This is, again, a way to make the game more fun for shitty players at the expense of the good players. Again, the only way this would ever be an acceptable plan would be in scrims where the players are part of a team that is close knit and under strong leadership. I don’t think even NoS could handle a scrim with this; Spamo would just go goon repeatedly and throw away ALL of the team’s evos rather than just his own.

Honestly, if you can’t see why this is a fucking horrible idea, I don’t know what to say.

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there is a big difference between pull and push system. currently it’s a push system. when someone has too much, he donates, he controls his evos and team as a whole has some safety buffer to defend or rush. it works because usually better players donates and noobs have a pressure to learn.
if you reverse it to a pull system, noobs will drain evos and there will be no control over it. this could work (tests needed) for scrims but not for pubs

This is an awful idea and will support the quickest draw. I do not want to support the weakest link whoring evos because of how incredibly terrible he is.

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I’m a Philanthropist, not a Communist. I don’t want my evos being given away willy nilly. When I am at a point where I can provide for my team, I will do so.

I completely support this idea for scrims, I think it would save us valuable time in figuring out who has evos and who to share them to.

This cannot be added to the pub server in any capacity.



We could have both approaches (push and pull systems as newb describes it) switchable by a server cvar, so that either one can be used depending on the type of server.

KoRx had a fair donation system. Players “overflowed” spare evos to the team automatically, hough they still could manually share/donate. Sometimes the aliren teammah be too full on eefos and so the overflow actually donates to the human team to encourage them to stop… camping, although korx had the av tyrant so it didnt have much of an effect.

Evos should really be given to the opposing team if they get killed. Cuz think about it. you get killed which means that you need evolutions to evolve to a higher breed of species in order to further make life fair. Read the bible sheeple.


The potential problem with this is that you would be encouraged to feed and not kill until you have enough evos/credits to pwn the credit/evo starved enemy, However, if both teams try to feed at the same time and avoid killing, then everyone would just be dancing and not fighting, thus ending the decade old alien human war with a party! This is a very good reason why Tremulous needs more music.

As a side note, I have thought of a similar conecpt, but only where the enemy obtains frags for advancing their stage by your team getting kills, but you would still get evos/credits for killing the enemy.

Fix: Setting priority to who gets evoes shared next.

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i’m all for this. maybe after this experiment fails everyone can stop spamming that communism thread.

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