Hello joined ages ago finally posting

Yes, a lot of people around Trem know me already, also knew by other older names, therefore some will hate my guts, some don’t care a damn - and a few I amazingly get along with OK. Anyway, here’s saying “Hi!” to all and whatever.

If you want to find out more about me, just type OnlyTheGhosts into a decent search engine and loads of weird stuff will pop up. I changed nearly every account online to this name, those forums which I missed are the ones I a) don’t care about, like the old Tremulous forums which are boring and near dead b) don’t allow name changes so I simply stopped interacting on such idiotic places.


Hei man

Glad to see you on forums. You forgot to mention that you’re one of the older / oldest (how the fuck is correct) Trem player ever which you have my respect about that. It’s nice to see you haven’t got stuck in the life and forgot about this old game. Hope to hear more shits about Japan from you. Living there could be cool but most of the people misunderstand it with land of anime.

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Yo! Mega, nice to see you first.

Well, not the oldest around, but definitely in that area of grey haired and “Why Are You Still Playing Games?”

There’s a guy from Florida in his 60s that I sometimes run across who plays both Tremulous and Alien Arena. Retirement gives more time for mucking around, I guess.

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hi mum



It’s good to see you posting here again :slight_smile:

Welcome Ghost good to see you.

sup random person