Just saying Hi. =)

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Hi Woodbury, how are you today? see you in-game Mr. Woodbury :smile:

I’m doing fine, and you?, havent see you in game, maybe with another nickname?

Hi Woodbury,

Welcome to the GrangerHubforums :smiley: !

Hi, welcome.

Hey, Welcome (:

Welcome to the forums Woodbury. We’ve played together on numerous occasions. Nice to see you taking a further step into the community and joining us here.

Thanks for the welcome dGr8LookinSparky.
Thanks Ckit.
Thanks HDMI.
Thanks bird. Looking forward to create new occasions of playing.

Bienvenue sur le magnifique forum de Grangerhub! XD

Thanks Tony_x.

BTW, im writing down who welcome me to the forums and who is not, i’ll send a gift later to the ones who did.

Woohoo! Do I get extra points because I wrote it in a different language? XD

Omg TONY @Tony_X I never saw you answered this topic! How mean of me. I’ll send you a post card later on with a nice picture on it for the language message. Sorry for the late answer tho…

BTW, this is called a mega zombie revival thread…


Welcome B>

A post card? Wait, you know where I live?! Oh yeah yeah, it’s pretty obvious… I live where the other gods live too! XD

Mount olympus right?

Nah, the gods moved to Canada.

Sparky is right, All gods moved in Canada so we can keep an eye on the USA! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What a coincidence, you can keep an eye on the USA in the post card I sent you… here’s a glance!