Hey its me boys

So uhh, Its been a LONG time. I played a couple times here and there, but I havent actually sat down to really play the game in a long time. I finally built a new PC, but now the tremulous website is dead and I cant re-download the game! What are the odds someone has the old 1.1 and GPP installers?


Hi, here you are:

Also check out this:

Welcome back @MosinNagant ! You can find the latest GrangerHub 1.3 Trem client here: https://github.com/GrangerHub/tremulous/releases . We are going to have dev games this Saturday on the GrangerLab server, if you step by then, lets catch up!

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I’ll try! I work 1200-1900 est, but ill try to swing by if anyone is on then!

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Welcome back! @MosinNagant :slight_smile: