Horizon - Teamod Rework/Remake - W.I.P


Horizon is a small project that I have made to learn more about tremulous’ weird code and finally get the hang of it. (Hopefully it won’t get worst as I dive more and more deeper into it.)

Why Horizon and what does it do

Horizon was simply the name I thought of when reopening the files and I have decided to stick with it and this QVM (Soon to become a full Mod (See my explanation on the github page.) is based on an old source code called TeaMod. Why TeaMod in particular? Well, I wanted to start with having bots and what better way to start than with an already ready mod that works great already.
What I want to achieve with this mod is quite simple we could say and almost useless, but still great for learning. I want to add a few custom made models, sounds and so on and possibly bring back older mods like FunServer, Korx, HvH and so on as well as bring in a few special and new ideas in that could work. If these ideas does not work, well, removing them is easy and simple.

Where to find the source

The source can easily be obtained by going on the github repository at this link:
(The latest stable build is always on the master branch. Otherwise for the nightly build you will have to switch to the testing branch.)

Want to help but do not know how

Helping is quite simple, you can always help finding bugs, unbalances or anything that makes the experience less enjoyable. They will be fixed as soon as possible and as best as I and any other who wishes to help more directly which I now come to that point. Those who would like to participate in the development are welcome to. Forking and Cloning on github makes this a lot simpler to do so.

When should we expect updates

That is a great question that I cannot give exact dates nor time for as I do not know either. I will be updating as much and soon as I can, but I cannot guaranty that it will be a fast development. It will be done as it goes.

For the list of updates and what has been done so far or is in progress, the github page is kept updated as it goes. So there will not be a better place to look at them than there.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.


Adding mods like this is basically adding another 1.3 so just don’t even try. (and what I mean by this is… You’re basically adding another mod to trem that will be completely useless and die like the rest of the mods because you said you’d add things and custom sounds from KorX or etc and this is just simply a re-make of a mod and re-adding to it. If it’s already dead It wont pick up any good slack because the reason why it died was mainly because the mods where not up on par enough for people to play or it was taken down because the mod person didn’t want to host it anymore.

If it’s old and isn’t here now don’t try bringing it back it wont do much at all. (read what i said above it goes for this as well)

Sounds like a good idea if you can do it properly. And not ruin the game due to the fact that as I stated again the mods died because the mods where not up to par or they where not fun or it was just that the owner decided to withdraw them.

(I hope this was constructive enough for you)

(I removed and reverted the post like 3 times lol)



The mods stopped because the game itself went nowhere. (At least when 1.2 came out.)
These mods I stated were the only servers (as well as a few others like Z, F, X, and W.) apart from UBP and a few random vanilla server (which didn’t know yet how to add mods/qvms) that had people back then.

As for their owners, they simply stopped playing tremulous as it got less and less players. This game as been up for more than a decade. It is perfectly normal for people to get bored of it and want some change.

As for the custom sounds and such, I never mentioned I would take them from other mods. What I meant was that I would add new custom-made things made by me or those who wants to participate. (Basically not take from another mod to put in this mod. This would do nothing good to this mod.)

Anyway, thank you for actually making your post more constructive.
On that, I wish you a great day/night.


Then why start a new if it will just repeat itself again?

They will just become bored and tremulos will just get less and less players. Hence it’ll happen again lol XD


Well, if I make this mod based on the current player-base there is less of chance that it will get boring (or at least it will take a little longer) as it won’t be made for a server of 64 players.

And also, I like starting that as it will help me learn tremulous weird code a lot more than try to read it from scratch.