How to adjust screen size

hello I was wondering if any of you know how this command (customheight or something like this) a tremulous player sent me to try to solve a small screen problem on the train but I forgot how it is

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Hi @samuelgames :slight_smile: ! Try the following two commands:

/r_height 0
/r_width 0

That should automatically set your screen to the highest resolution that fits your display.

thx sparky

alias wanted to take the time to ask something, how do you play in the zombie mode of the trem??

It looks like @IronClaw is currently hosting a Zombie server, it shows in the server browser as “AA | Z | [By IronClaw]”. It is a 1.1 server, but you should still be able to play on it with the 1.3 client.

how to add this server

I guess you can visit the site linked before, copy the IP address and paste it into “add favorites” and then click “Source” so that it browses favorites only.

Right now I see one zombie server:

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