How To Play Tremulous in Linux (Method for n00000bs)

P.S DevHC, please even don’t try read it, because after it you brain gonna format himself and you get clear brain without anything [yestroll]

How play Tremulous in Linux? (three methods for rlly LinuxNabZ)

1st Method: Installing Wine and then Tremulous 1.1 and GPP
2nd Method: Very Retardly Downloading Already Compiled Trem binarys for trem and trying run it…
3nd Method: Compiling Trem for ur Linux if ur proccesor isn’t x86/64/x86_64/i386/i586/anynormallyprocessor

1st Method:

  • Open Start Menu, find any Application Manager, Install Wine.
  • Find Tremulous Folder in Windows Partition, best solution: COPY IT to home dir.
  • Then, Run “tremulous.exe”
  • Enjoy

2nd Method:

  • Open Home dir, make there folder like Tremwshitblablabla
  • Open Terminal on created folder, then type:
    wget -r Download Tremulous from
  • then press Enter
  • When downloading completed, DONT CLOSE TERMINAL, Extract archive (idk google how extract
    probaly u have any zip manager, so u can unzip even without painfull cmds)
  • Probaly after unzip u got into created folder, folder “tremulous”, so…type:
    cd tremulous, then press enter, oooooookay.
  • Type ./tremulous.x86
  • Enjoy, but if you got any error: READ NEXT METHOD

3rd Method:

  • OOOOOOKAY, Open Browser
  • U already have source into downlaoded zip with src (from previously method)
  • So untarbz it or unzip it idk…
  • Open Created folder, and edit makefile, set BUILD_CLIENT to 1, any other to 0
  • Open Terminal there, type make --ignore-errors (or just -i) why: probaly ur 1.1 makefile is B NIGGER (c) DevHC, and in first warning, it theart it as error…so need use this…
  • If Trem client compiled to ur linux, copy it to trem folder (from previously mwethod)
  • Open Terminal and then ./tremulous.(UR ARCHITECTURE) (exemple if u got compiled tremulous.x64 so run it, if tremulous.x86_64 so run it and etc)
  • Enjoy