Human team modification items

I thought that some of my ideas can get here.

Human can get only a limited amount such items at a time (a limit of 1 or 2 is enough i think) through the armory.

surge - decreases energy weapons shoot interval (for hitscan) or increases projectile speed (luci and pulse) by 100 percent but increases ammo consumption twice

biokit - heals the user 1 hp every 5 seconds on a constant rate whit 10 sec stop after taken damage. speeds up to 2 hp per 5 seconds after 30 sec without taking damage

cloak - cloaks the user for 45 seconds - needs to be recharged as normal energy weapon

grenade launcher attachment - overdrives weapon secondary fire (if there is any other option to fire a nade though a weapon its not a big deal, but i like the idea of shotguns and nade launchers). shoots a bought grenade to a greater distance comparing to a normal toss. it the player has no nades the standard weapon secondary mode is enabled. can be combined whit grenade pouch

grenade pouch - enables carrying up to 3 grenades

nanite kit - when used heals the player as a second medikit, but when the players dies still having it discharges itself whit small explosion whit a 100 perc chance to discharge a held grenade, 70 perc chance to discharge part of ammo making 70-150 points of damage and 30 perc chance for additional 100-200 points of damage, cannot be combained whit the grenade pouch (wat u say? i wanna be kami. ye… i see it. a painsaw in bsuit whit 3 grenades and a nanite pouch… gg)

speed booster - better stamina regen and increases running/walking speed by 20 percent

jetpack tuning kit - increases jetpack speed by 20 percent, decreases fuel consumption by 20 percent. combined whit whatever else on this list - it could alter jetpack sound pitch

relocator - transmits the player to the reactor (check if the site is not blocked by anyone and than estimates the range where the player can be - preferably medi or telenode). One time use only. Charge time until teleportation is 5 seconds. Makes noise when activated so everybody in a range hear it

automated reload kit - decrease reload time by 50 percent


Nice ideas :+1: I think an item pouch might be an awesome idea.