I am confused

a double click here causes this message

Probably something it´s wrong with me or my system but I never had problems before :wink:


I just checked, that file is available on the download web server.

Can you download from this link? http://dl.unitremia.site.nfoservers.com/unitremia_0002/vms11-unitremia_0002-0083.pk3

If you can’t download from that link, it might be a connection issue between you and the web server (hopefully temporary).

I have noticed that some weird things could happen if someone tries connecting to Unitremia or GrangerLab after disconnecting from another server (might be related to changing the fs_game), but if you can download that link, I recommend trying to connect to Unitremia directly when you first start the client, before connecting to any other server, and see if that resolves the issue for you.


@Locutus Do you have a firewall that is blocking trem from using TCP port 80 for http downloads?


@ SPARKY, Yes, I can download the file from your link.

I have a firewall and had no problems before.

Trem is free of any Firewall limits/rules.


PS: Trem is running on : Apple Mac Pro with 33

@Locutus , are you getting that same error from the original post, or a different one?

@ Sparky…

As it seems from a different one.

In the beginning, I had the problem from my first description.

I am not able to start with any of that available servers now.

Every single start attempt with a server (whichever) ends in an instant crash now.

I can restart Trem and the same story begins over and over again.

During these problems I made no changes in the system files.


@Locutus , do you get problem on the GrangerPub server and the GrangerClub server too?

I suspect a bad pk3 or install issue (files in the wrong place)