I found out about GH a while ago and want to help out!

Hi everyone! I really miss the old days of Tremulous, and seriously - props for blowing the life back into it. If there’s anything I could do to help out, I’d love to! I’m a graduate Information Engineering student, working on a UX thesis project right now. I also do parttime front-end development at the company I’m researching for.

In my opinion the one thing Tremulous lacks right now is accessibility. I read somewhere you were developing a unified launcher, which is great! It’s a giant effort for new players just to get a Tremfusion install running, especially considering the files are really hard to find. I have some ideas already that I started working on - more short term things, like a unified Tremfusion pack (with cvars set right and some popular custom maps) and web-based bind configurator. If I can be of any help at all, please ask! I really don’t want to see this game bleed out.

See you around!

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HI Nuclear_Grangar, welcome to GrangerHub :slight_smile: !

Tremulous didn’t die, it was simply sleeping. Waiting. Watching. Eating bag of Cheetos as it gained weight and yelled at the kids on it’s front lawn about the good old days until it was finally drafted back into action.

Visit us over on IRC and we’ll use our powers of manipulation to convince you to work on open-source software for absolutely no financial compensation to your time spent and skills used. One of us. One of us. One of us.

Welcome back!