Idea: Emulate a "proprietary" mindset

I have a hypothesis that just the mindset of proprietary software can help develop better programs. Here are some things that I think would help to emulate it.

Write spaghetti code on purpose

Unvanquished ported to “clean” C++ and were are they now?

Seems like spaghetti code correlates with good applications. Microsoft Office for example:

Years ago as an intern at Microsoft, I had code go into the Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and shared Office code.

Excel is an incomprehensible maze of #defines and macros, PowerPoint is a Golden Temple of overly-object-oriented insanity, and Word is just so old and brittle you’d expect it to turn to dust by committing.


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Calibre is an open-source example:

[…] I’ve been doing Python for fifteen years. […] Calibre’s codebase is the absolute worst production codebase I’ve ever seen in my entire life. In all likelihood, it always will be.

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[…] Where to start? I think I saw all the ills; architectural and aesthetical. […]

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Add copy protection

Yes, I know that Tremulous is GPL, but it doesn’t prevent DRM from being added, it just makes it possible to remove it from source code, which kind of defeats the purpose, but the point here is not to protect Tremulous from being copied, but to emulate a mindset.

Use a “proprietary” coding style

I.e. associated with large companies which produce a lot of proprietary software, e.g. Google C++ style guide, or C# style guide adapted for C++ (Microsoft), or maybe instead stick closely to the current one (iD Software).

Introduce ads

This doesn’t even mean that Tremulous should advertise proprietary addictive games, it can advertise free software instead, remember again that the point here is to emulate a mindset. But they can certainly be annoying though (i.e. pop-ups, videos on “skip in 5 seconds” timer).


Players could “earn” some credits/evos while watching such ads, so that they can feel like they are accomplishing something while their time is taken away from playing the game. Once we have stats in place, we could even include an ads watching stat, so that players can show that off.

Tremulous Code has already been in spaghetti form awhile, from years of having no standard for its development, and accepting contributions from coders with diverse styles and quality in coding. Although we have been making efforts in untangling the spaghetti.


So, in a nutshell, turn Trem into a pay to win 2018 game.


Good idea, microtransactions ftw! As a granger, players should be allowed to buy bunny ears for $2.30 that can instagib chainsuits from impalement!


Every W, A, S or D key pressed cost $12.00 USD. I don’t see a reason why Trem should have micro-transactions, at least maybe, they’re fine if not “super needed”. People will run away and hate on the game if the game relies on you to pay to get the upper hand.