[Idea] Shared Stimpacks

I completely stole this from Killing Floor, but I think it would work in Tremulous really well. I think this was also brought up somewhere in some forum long ago, but they didn’t copyright the idea and profit off of it for millions, so fuck em’.

We want humans to co-operate with each other more often. One way to do this is allowing humans to share stimpacks. Using a stimpack on yourself heals you for 100HP.

However, you can target a friendly player and use the Stimpack on them, healing them 100HP. However, sharing a Stimpack only uses half of it. The remaining half of the Stimpack can be used to heal you 50HP or on another ally for 100HP.

This is effective because now humans are incentivized to not only push, but push together so they can make the most out of healing without having to go back to base or build forward medipads.



Yes. I think it’d be good to encourage teamwork in this way.