I'm trying to make an Ambush server

So I went here : https://mirror.kdude63.com/mercenaries_guild/archive/MODs/Ambush/ and I want to set up an ambush server but I don’t know how to. (and I’m running Linux 64-bit) I wan’t to run it on a server that me and some friends can play on. I have an invasion server but I don’t like invasion and remember Ambush being quite fun indeed. If anyone can help me out that would be very helpful.

EDIT: I got it working without issues.


It doesn’t work if you drop the provided ambush game.qvm into a 1.1 tremded server setup? It doesn’t look like any other assets are required, except the Ambush maps (you may also need path node layouts, but perhaps they come with the maps?). Btw, I haven’t setup an ambush mod, and I’m not familiar with that mod, but this is the impression I’m getting. @avarthar did setup an ambush mod awhile ago (maybe last year), although I haven’t seen him around recently.


I can get a server to run the qvm but g_ambush is set to 0 and when I change it to 1 and restart nothing happens but it’s still running ambush

Are you sure it is turned on? You will need the map configs and suchs to get it to work well.
I can get my old server zipped up and downloadable, but I had a qvm I modified a bit for fun. (The default one should still work.)

Here is the link for the files I had used on my old server.

Feel free to change anything in the folders. (You might want to change the qvm before opening the server at all since mine was altered in some really unbalancing and random manners.)


Ambush mod requires a little more work to function. You need to have a separate base/mapconfig/ directory with a custom layout with botpaths, bot # and such. When you have a config for the desired map, Ambush will AUTOMATICALLY start up from the config file.ambush3.0.zip (11.3 KB) (source code).

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Here are commands to be used in map config files:
g_ambush 1 (ambush mod 1 = on, 0 = off)
g_ambush_granger_s1 20 (number of granger kills to stage 2.)
g_ambush_dretch_s2 20 (number of dretch kills to stage 3.)
g_ambush_basilisk_s3 20 (number of basilisk kills to stage 4.)
g_ambush_basilisk2_s4 20 (number of adv basilisk kills to stage 5.)
g_ambush_marauder_s5 20 (number of marauder kills to stage 6.)
g_ambush_marauder2_s6 20 (number of adv marauder kills to stage 7.)
g_ambush_dragon_s7 20 (number of dragon kills to stage 8.)
g_ambush_dragon2_s8 20 (number of adv dragon kills to stage 9.)
g_ambush_tyrants_to_win (number of tyrant kills to “NO EGGS” message.)
g_ambush_dodge 50 (how much aliens dodging left and right)
g_ambush_dodge_random 10 (how big random number will be added to dodge)
g_ambush_rebuild_time 60 (between waves can be pause for rebuild base, when aliens not attacking. In seconds.)
g_ambush_sec_to_start 40 (warmup for aliens)
g_ambush_stage_suicide 0 (when you got new stage, all remaining aliens immediately die. 1 = on (easy), 0 = off (hard).)
g_ambush_no_egg_ffoff 1 (when your server using friendly fire, then will be turned off for aliens in last stage with no eggs. Otherwise rest of tyrants will kill each other and for humans remain only last one. After humans win, friendly fire wil be restored. If you play alone or only few players, I recommend set it to 0 and leave friendly fire on, because othervise tyrants probably kill you and without credits can’t win or kill tyrant. 1 = on (hard), 0 = off (easy).)
g_ambush_kill_spawns 0 (if you leave it to 0, then humans can’t destroy eggs and they must finish game with tyrants together)
g_ambush_att_buildables 0 (0 mean aliens attacking only players. 1 mean aliens attacking players and their buildables. , 0 = easy.) 1 = VERY HARD
g_ambush_range 10000 (how far can aliens see. For example 300 is turret range)

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Yeah, I got all this working back then and it was a lot of fun.

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