I’m creating this poll to check what the community think about kick and mutes votes durations. (Just informative, this poll doesn’t mean changes will be done) (You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to)


  • 2 minutes is ok.
  • 3 - 5 minutes is better
  • 6 - 8 minutes is better
  • More than 8 minutes is better

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  • 300 seconds is ok.
  • 300 - 500 seconds is better
  • More than 500 seconds is better

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Make kick and spec votes last until the end of a game.

If the “More than 8 minutes” option win, I’ll create a new one considering that option.


There is a reason the kick votes are only 2 minutes in length, and that is that it is too easy for kick votes to pass with the current voting system on multiprotocol slacker especially via vote abuse. This is actually one of the primary reasons we even have L2 vote immunity on GrangerPub at this time, and not everyone who would be wrongfully voted against will be getting L2.

For most griefing situations, spec votes can be very sufficient, and I think the current length for spec votes is 300 seconds, perhaps that should be increased, along with a new vote to “unspec.”

  1. Kick duration will not about 5 mins anyway, but I prefer at least 2 mins for new players only.

  2. Mute duration will not about 300 secs for any new players and L2 players.

2 mins of kick duration is really good condition of punishment for new players only, but another one is getting 5 mins duration for L2 players. If any players still using negative formal will double kick duration or ban.

300 secs of mute duration will start if any new players/L2 players are spamming or invalid votes that contains abuse, this is also for good condition of it. In addition, it will getting double of duration or ban if who still using any negative formal.

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We should trust the admins in this situations. Having harsher vote abuse penalties to people who commit them may help and IF, and only IF, there is an event where no admins are online and one person is vote abused, a report should be made on that situation, where the abuser will be punished, just as any other offense.


I think that if a player is kicked or muted the first time, it should be 2 minutes/300 seconds, if its a second time within the same day, it should absolutely be longer.

Although this thread isnt about bans, I am highly against the ban of players as this community is very small and instead of banning players more admins should just put them in spec or a 2-30 minute kick.