Is there a way to reduce lag in grangerpub?

I would like to start of by saying that is there a way to reduce lag?

My idea is, would it be possible if there was a way to reduce lag on GrangerPub so everyone could have a low ping or atlest a 150ping max or something cause im really getting bored with this game when I join I always have a 600ping or 788ping or 999ping and it’s horribly laggy and i don’t like it(but i don’t really complain about my laggy ass ping of 788+ in-game). When i do have a 100ping(that’s usually somewhere where nobody is in the map) all is good, but when i get near some enemys like humans or aliens(about 2,3 or 4) my ping goes from 100 to 788+ ping in 2 secs.

So is there a way to get rid of this lag( I don’t live in America where the server is btw) it is really annoying me now with this laggy ass ping. I don’t wonna leave this game cuz of always having a laggy ping(the game is so fun to play).

settting => graphic quality => low
What do you use to get internet? adsl? don’t forget to set up that in the settting of ur game.

Have you been experiencing this lag problem relatively recently, or have you always experienced this problem on GrangerPub?


unfortunately if the internet worked this way, the world would be a better place. this utopia is made impossible thanks to the physical restriction of a player’s distance to the server.

Where do you live? Perhaps if you specified we can offer better solutions.

@dGr8LookinSparky, i’ve been experiencing this lag problem recently maybe for the past 2 or 3 weeks and still to this day. :frowning:

Move closer to server
Upgrade your internet/replace router
Make cl_maxpackets the same # as your fps
Close background applications

well i live in the United Kindom [quote=“Bluefire, post:2, topic:2870”]
What do you use to get internet? adsl?

i use a TP-Link router for internet

Can any other English muppet stop drinking their tea, eating biscuits, praying for the good health of the Queen, skip the daily train trip to the job center and attest to this? Is ping to Gpub really this bad from the UK?

Make sure you don’t have crappy network settings for your connection scenario.
You will want to adjust your settings to see what works best for you. See here for more information.

In console, try these out:

\rate 25000
\com_maxFPS 100
\cl_maxPackets 100

wut? :sweat:

Cl_timenudge -20


That will be unable to play it. xD

set chomp “cl_timenudge -17;echo ^1CHOMP^2-17;set bt vstr chomp2”
set chomp2 “cl_timenudge -18;echo ^1CHOMP2^2-18;set bt vstr pounche”
set pounche “cl_timenudge -19; echo ^1pounche^2-19;set bt vstr pounche2”
set pounche2 “cl_timenudge -20; echo ^1pounche2^2-20;set bt vstr A1”
set A1 “cl_timenudge -21;echo ^1A1^2-21;set bt vstr A2”
set A2 “cl_timenudge -22;echo ^1A2^2-22;set bt vstr -23”
set -23 “cl_timenudge -23;echo ^1A2^2-23;set bt vstr chomp”
bind z vstr bt
vstr pounche2

Try it baby


Fucking psychopath

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Probably you have lot of lag because your network is overloaded. Do this test: and paste the output please, is better if you can put there the screenshot.
I think you have many devices that are stealing you the internet. This will be proved if you have a high latency (ms, ping) in this tester.