Issues regarding the forums (for me)

Hi My name is nos.Thunder Bolt also known as ):StarTailSlider or StarSlider on the forums.

I am ya boy Stair Master. (Irreverent but ok, enjoy sed picture)



A long time ago I asked @romdos and @dGr8LookinSparky about the forums bugs I have had, such as my name not changing properly and some loading and error bugs once I log out. The issue was addressed once and never again (before I was banned from slack as well as the loading/log out one, just recently I found out about it) I asked Romdos about it and he said he’d work on it and get in contact with me if there was an issue (again this was months ago) And he did once and never again but then again I was banned. None the less this isn’t about my ban it’s about the issues that have still yet to be resolved. (some of these may be a bug some of them may not be I’m not totally sure hence why I’m making this to figure it out once and for all) Please note I like to use a lot of pictures (I don’t like leaving my stuff bland) so don’t hate me if I do so and there not to you’re liking don’t bother commenting on them. :slight_smile:

Please be sure to read this fully and not half-way before commenting. Thanks

[color=“red”]MAIN ISSUES[/color]

[color=“Blue”] 1) My name is still StarSlider and I wanted it changed to Thunder Bolt[/color] (RESOLVED)

[color=“Blue”] 2) There is also another weird error I get every time I log out. [/color] (not sure about this one)

[color=“Blue”] 3) There should be a separate topic for bugs because I didn’t see one it was just trem bugs. [/color] (already solved)

With most of that said the following pictures are in order of the issues I have so far.

My name change-

P.S. I’m not to concerend about the name I do like it it’s just when I did ask for it it never happend. (only the @thunder-bolt as you can see in the picture above) I would like my name changed but before making my final decision I’m going to put some thought on about it.
P.S.S. I also cant change my status it’s been hihi. :slight_smile: for literally years and idk why.

Error when I log out-

P.S. This isn’t that important I just want to know why it happens and it’s annoying cause I have to refresh my page to get ride of it or go back to the forums for it to go away.

Missing Topics that should be added- (This is only a suggestion)


Thats all. Enjoy

Since no is helping im going to also increase and add new issues to here.

Most recent issues 6/15/2018

I tried logging into the forums to change my profile but it made me set up a new account or some shit using a email to link my steam account couldn’t link my steam account using my main email I some how used a email i abandoned and now this happened.

2:27 P.M. AFTER Just logging in just before I now have to log in “AGAIN”


With the recent issue I tried logging into my profile after not trying to do it for awhile becaue I knew it would break it. It has now somehow changed the forum name from stair slider to PrincessLuna I am not a brony anymore or a pony lover and i’d like that fixed as well.


I’d rather have it NOT THAT, I’d rather stick with starslider

all fixed after a couple of months it only took a couple of seconds.

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Howdy @StarSlider I am pretty sure that has been an issue for awhile, but not fixed I am not positive, but perhaps it’d be good to get a fix if so? :slight_smile:

A bug related topic to all Trem bugs?

That is perfectly fine and allowed on the forums. :wink:


Also, regarding the error when logging out, that is strange perhaps @romdos might know whats wrong?

Related to none-trem bugs because these are none trem bugs.

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Ah, I see.

Technical issues/bugs related to the forums and website would go in the Meta category (I moved this topic there just now).


Ah ok I did not know that.


Hi, just a small question, what browser are you using?
Chrome I would assume?
If so, have you tried logging-in on another browser? (For example: Firefox.)

I had this issue in the past on the website as well, for me, cleaning my web-cache solved some problems. (It allowed me to change my profile picture at least.)
Then I switched to firefox because of Chrome corrupting my chrome profile file. (Stupid chrome locked it and didn’t want to unlock it because it crashed mid-process of locking it and half encrypting it. Stupid chrome…)
And switching to firefox worked for me.

If changing browser doesn’t work, you can try cleaning your browser’s cache.
If it works on firefox but not on chrome, you can try to either reinstall chrome or make a massive clean-up of it. (For example, clean some unused add-ons, clean your history, clean every stored data. (But password if you have any stored, you can still clean it if you don’t really mind having to re-enter them all afterwards.))
Hopefully doing a clean helps on that.

Sadly if these options does not help, I am sorry to say that I cannot really help any more than this. :frowning:


Hi @avarthar

I would assume the browser wouldn’t make much of a difference as I have tried 3 separate browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and IceDragon. The problems from above have occurred on each of these browsers for me. As of now, I am awaiting a response from someone.

As for these tips, they have helped in the past, but the problem occurs again within a few minutes.


I won’t say that the browser is the issue, however the browser type can be a cause of problems for a website, some browsers don’t work well on it, etc.


Sadly I can’t do much other than suggest the tips I suggested in the previous post.
And as for the problems, I had them as well, but changing to a new browser did it for me. But once again, sadly this might not work for everyone. If it does, I’m happy that I could help, but if it doesn’t well, I can’t do much.

Also, as for the cleaning part, what I mean is make sure to have a really clean setup. Even only having 3 add-ons could end up doing these problems. (For example, ad-blockers which could end up blocking the wrong things. (It happened a lot in the past.))


I have also had this problem for a while, (sometimes signing into the forums signs me into the grangerhub page???).

I never really thought much of it, nor told anyone of this problem. The issue fixes itself by closing the browser for a few minutes (for me, 5 - 10 minues, may vary).


@StarSlider and @StarlightGlimmer, the issues you brought up about with the forums, has indeed happened before to me. It was a result of changing my profile picture and logging out / logging in failed, going places, etc. I am not sure what causes it fully and any fixes but @romdos might know the issue? Just give it some time and it’ll fix itself, with me I just waited and I would think, it loaded my update of the profile picture and then worked again.



From the Sign In page, you appeared to change your name to Helper Bot, although it didn’t load in on the forums. Is this GrangerHub specific (not including forums), or a bug?


This has been a thing for awhile and I have brought it up multiple times as well as @StarSlider, and to see if there could be a fix, or even username changing. Nothing has occurred yet™.

From what I remember, the username itself doesn’t change and wasn’t meant to change either, only the displayed name changed. It should be written “Display Name” instead of simply “Name”. It would be way less miss-leading in my opinion.


This has been a since April issue, There is more recent ones that I dated on my complaint thread up above.

The profile picture I haven’t dont another test one to see if it works I will in a moment but currently im a little busy.

Chrome it is, I have no other browser that I use. Not at the moment

Before with the pages giving me errors that fixed itself that was a mini-bug I was just posting that because I wanted to show everything breaking the real issue I have now is my login because it turned from Starslider to Princess Luna Idk how to fix it I logged in using a old email that I dont have It didn’t give me a choice to pick a new one I used my steam to log in as well and it asked for a email it’s weird and im not sure whats the problem lol.


In that case, you might need to have @romdos manually change your email as I doubt there is a system in place for when someone loses access to a previous email.

As for the login username, it might be the same problem. Maybe Romdos can help more on that matter as well. (Changing it manually should be good enough to fix this problem temporarily until a better fix can be made. Sadly I can’t do much more than suggest things in posts as I don’t have access to any of the website’s code, which is fine, I don’t want to risk having any security flaws or possibly releasing something earlier than expected.)


It’s weird. But none of the devs bother to help because it’s been neglected since April 7th, once I first posted this thread.


I would have helped a lot more if I had been more active and it I had access to such systems, but sadly I can’t do much more than suggest things and I wasn’t sure even in the past how to actually fix this problem since it had not happened to me much, but so far it happened to me twice and I managed to fix it both times with the fixes I posted above.
But yeah, Sorry for the late post, I wish I had been more active on that part.

Even lately I am not much active, but I have quite a few things to do if I want to be able to keep help here in the future. (I need to get a job first to be able to afford to live :stuck_out_tongue: (which is on the way.))


Just wanted to confirm that this is all fixed before closing the thread