Kill messages separate from user chat

This is an feature that I intended to be an highlight for the next Thz5!~ however was lost among many a great things. I discovered the prototype patch in an harddisk backup. I was trying to get it working with 1.1 QVMs this morning but had issues with QVM version mismatch on VM and client compatibility.

So I gave up, got my coffee and shortly before heading off to work had ported to darklegion/tremulous master (github). Thought it didn’t work, but actually its pretty close to 100% working.

Here are some screenshots of what I blabering about

I was killed by dretch

and another

I shot that sucker

The icon’s are the same used in the +scores menu. As I rushed this together this morning before work, I missed “world” kills, so they are still being drawn in the chat menu.

Amanieu had comments on the original tremulous/forums post, sugesting that it should use emoticons system instead. WHich wasnt helpful for 1.1 work I was doing, but now that emoticon is integrated a possible alternative (the patch might be significantly smaller that way).

I was always really happy with this; and I think it looks pretty sweet; and it greatly reduces console spam/noise.

Hmm, seems I cant upload my patch onto forums, will update with a link when I get it on github


Awesome! A Call of Duty like kill feed! kill messages should disappear after a while tho. The dretch kill is still in the feed 10 minutes after it was done

They do disappear; there is an cvar to control the fade away time. Due to the code being built from master, I could not demonstrate on an public server- so I raised the timeout so that I could demonstrate multiple messages on screen.

this is neat!! i was just thinking about whether trem should have this as unreal tournament 4 recently had an update that did the same. also love the icons!! much better for an arena style game.

Good stuff. Let’s try and move this into the implementation stage, yeah?

I just figured out all the magics to make upstream dark legion/tremulous capable to connect to grangerhub servers. (Was online earlier with Taco). If possible I’ll pull together an downloadable precompiled client so that everyone can experience gl2 renderer + hackitup to also load my chameleon change pictured above. :slight_smile:

Always hate it when someone uses the same colour combination as me,I think I confirmed a kill on a dretch then look away for it to come back and kill me.

This help confirm kills so much easier.

True! That happens to me too! The moment where you wonder if it’s your name, you look up at the chat, but with the spam it’s hard to see and then BAM! You get killed…

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Given your usecase, I’m now thinking about drawing an “+175” etc… award indicator that emits from the dead dretch rising into the air a bit and then fades away.

Where the above +175 is the credits rewarded for killing dretch and being the sole/majority damage inflictor.

Cuboid appears to have implemented this eye-candy when you shoot an alien, it draws “-5” (etc…) to indicate an hit and notify user of how much damage they are inflicting. (I want this as well).

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I don’t remember Cuboid having this feature. However, I do remember New Edge having that feature as well as showing health bars on players and buildings when they have less than full health. Even though some might consider it cheat like and/or arcade like, when everyone has it some different interesting game play results.

@bird I’m packaging the build right now bro!

Stay tunned