Knife or like energy sword from halo

I think a melee weapon would be really cool to be able to use along with light weight gun and have the choice to use a knife instead of blaster. I mean WHO THE HELL DOES NOT LIKE PRO ASSASSINS RUNNING AROUND KNIFING


I think for all weapons can be use with melee functions, as well as Max Payne games. :slight_smile:

Hopefully sparky is going to code this for trem 1.3 sOOn ( tm)

or not

I think a Melee weapon would be great, helpful to keep in hand encase you run out of ammo near death. It would also prove useful for new combat tactics, maybe.


Wouldn’t a buff/modification to the PainSaw (perhaps an “alt” slash attack) basically serve the same purpose?

[spoiler] Tho IMO the Psaw in the right hands can be a beast. [/spoiler]


I think one of the key differences in aspects @sunphantom has in his idea (correct me if I’m wrong), but that this melee weapon would be like a “side arm”, in that you could use it alongside any other weapon you might be carrying in case of running out of ammo, or for special applications, as an alternative to the blaster (which may or may not be still available as a side arm option as well).


What about in the left hands?


this is exactly what I mean but there would have to be a little range to it for it to work like using same range as pain saw but not as much damage as painsaw


The idea of something like a knife could add new fighting tactics and strategies to the game as well as a overall cool alternative to blaster. I think people playing around with knife would build a better strategy for human players to dance and dodge and stuff :slight_smile: