KoRx mod

Some members of my clan said they don’t really feel like coming back to Tremulous unless a KoRx server is hosted. Is it worth hosting a server or is our playerbase not big enough? Opinions?

In case some of you never seen what the KoRx mod looked like:

Additional Online Gameplay: KoRx mod demo [1/2] - YouTube

Download: Handy Links - ZdrytchX's {Reference Webpage

Features of KoRx (not all of them but most of the most noticeable ones):

KoRx / CoRx Client

  • IRC support (campers’ edition only?!? I couldn’t get it working)
  • Other stuff I don’t remember

KoRx / CoRx Server Shell

  • Colour Support with a nice scroll-able interface like on linux/mac on Windows
  • I have no idea what’s the advantage of using this over a standard tremfusion dedicated console aside from that


  • Optimised for Tremfusion but still compatible with stock client
  • Mark-Deconstruct supported, though official server used simple deconstruction
  • There’s a special coloured (even on windows!) server console shell available designed specifically to hosting KoRx, though you can honestly host it with any Tremulous.
  • Advance admin commands
  • GPP style smooth degeneration (ESD) and regeneration.
  • VoIP support
  • Statistics Support

RTS Gameplay: - Basically a mix of GPP and 1.1 TremX and Trepidus style gameplay

  • Order of Evolution sets Granger in between Dretch and Basilisk to allow Dretches to save the team
  • Overflow automatic donation is passive; if you have too many funds to hold you donate automatically. If your team is full, you donate to the enemy team.
  • BP regeneration is about 4x faster than GPP default (a bit overdone imho)
  • GPP-style frag-based stage advancement
  • Best Balance if BP is set to 200 for both teams
  • 1.1 style SD available (can rebuild arm/med/dcc/rc once if they were active before SD)
  • After sudden death there is an option for Extreme Sudden Death but can be delayed using the extend vote
  • ESD grants 2000 credits / 9 evos 30 seconds before everything goes BOOM and it’s PVP with vampire style gameplay. Unlike TremX the degeneration rate of all alien classes are dependant on their max health.


  • GPP-style non-stretched HUD thanks to Tremfusion features, includes Speedometer, FOV determined by height rather than width (which kai apparently hates about 1.1)
  • Hit-check visuals for aliens (see the video)
  • Humans show ammo count visually through animated bars on the side
  • Customized HUD health bars for buildables only displays if they’re damaged
  • Horizontal Speedometer (Text only) with top speed reached through the whole game next to it
  • Custom skins for all classes and weapons
  • Sounds for empty weapon, zoom in/out and turret spinup (it sounds a bit different to GPP)
  • Kills / Deaths / Time in-game / Latency (1.1) style scoreboard
  • Custom main menu which no one will really see unless they select the mod through the mod menu (it doens’t override default crap like EDGE does because korx uses its own mod folder)
  • Decimal Points of alien evolution points aren’t drawn on the HUD but they do exist.


  • Aliens regenerate at about 67% rate out of creep unlike GPP which is 50%.

  • GPP-style movement

  • Adv Dretch has its own special permanent poison, most commonly known as “AIDS” because it transfer through close contact. A small human base generally suffers greatly from this because everyone typically crowds around the medistation constantly getting hurt 1hp/s

  • Adv Dretch is transparent

  • Grangers are 1.1 size (meaning they are bloody huge and ADV granger can’t fit in some vents) but work GPP style.\

  • Granger Barb can slow bsuits and armoued humans but lock up naked humans. Firing repeatedly at a human may lock them. ‘Locking’ players is basically the same effect as the player getting hit by a trapper

  • Granger Barb regenerates alien structures.

  • Battle Granger costs 1 evo and it’s even bloody bigger than a turret. It locks humans in first hit and regenerates structures quicker but can only build Overmind, Egg, Hovel and Booster only.

  • Spitfire is a flying alien class (2 evos) with a weak areazap that does not chain up but does not require aiming (see video) and drains energy from energy weapons and jetpacks. Secondary fire is an air sprint which doubles flight speed and tertiary fire throws a weak blob of acid that fires twice per second with a large slash area. Generates one blob per second if boosted but none if not boosted which means in ESD this class is pretty useless if you can’t stick close to the enemy.

  • Like in 1.1, if you don’t stay close to the enemy, the areazap doesn’t stay connected so you could say it isn’t lag compensated.

  • Basilisk is silent, its grab/swipe is iirc, in between 1.1 and gpp style. 75 HP.

  • Adv Basilisk has a cloak which automatically activates if sitting still or is boosted. Gas… I forgot, but I think it is GPP style and may deal damage like in 1.1. 100 HP.

  • Marauder has GPP style movement (includes the walljumping wallsticky bug sadly)

  • Adv Marauder has long-range small damage yet fast-firing snipe capability. Fires 2.5 a second and reloads once per second. See Spitfire for information on the areazap or see the embedded video above.

  • Dragoon is GPP style with 75 damage per pounce.

  • Adv Goon is GPP style but splash radius is 0 units and regenerates every 10 seconds I think. does no self-damage so it’s basically like 1.1 Adv Goon but can fit in the gap in ATCS.

  • Tyrant is GPP style but weaker trample damage that is actually balanced unlike Unvanquished’s shit balance. 400 HP however.

  • Advance Tyrant costs 9 evos but has 600 hp and has a healing aura of a standard basilisk I think. It can jump on crouching humans and ontop of turrets and it has a 30-second reloading-while-boosted only acid blob which deals 200 damage (half damage to buildables) with a massive 300 unit splash radius. Two well-co-ordinated advance tyrants is enough to rape an ATCS human base quickly but because they cost so much to evolve into they aren’t that common until the end of the game.

  • Overmind provides a weak healing aura (ordinary basilisk level)

  • Booster is… well a booster. GPP style (3x healing, 1.1 is 2x healing)

  • Hive is 1.1 style with GPP hitbox size. Meaning it’s crappier than the latest GPP build but about the same as the one we have in test7341.

  • Barricade ducks like GPP but costs 8 bp only to build. 300 health.

  • Hovel! (Glitch-building patched as seen in the video)

  • Acid tube GPP style (max 8 damage per 0.2 seconds) and costs 6bp


  • Weaker but faster Firing Blaster
  • Ammo kit for physical-ammo based weapons adds 50% more clips
  • Jetpack is faster, but more harder (only by a bit) to control and uses a battery-fuel based system. Regenerates when not in use, can be refilled at armoury. Reactor being online reduces fuel usage and increases regeneration rate. Getting zapped while operating a jetpack may result in the user blowing up
  • Gay hats if you don’t wear a helmet
  • Painsaw is in between GPP and 1.1 balance
  • Shotgun has a 40 damage grenade secondary fire that chews up 2 ammo shells when it fires.
  • Lasgun has minor zoom
  • Mass Driver uses physical slugs, meaning its clipsize cannot be expanded using battpack but you can carry more ammo clips and you can fire through multiple targets like Q3A style railgun
  • Chaingun has secondary fire which fires faster and more accurately at the cost of damage
  • Pulse rifle uses 1.1 style balance but has a secondary attack which acts like a lockblob (trapper) to small aliens and slowblob to bigger aliens. Increased effect if you hit in succession.
  • Flamethrower 1.1 style but has the “ceiling bug” fix.
  • Luci GPP style but has 120 ammo default, battpack extends to 180 ammo
  • Xael is basically a mix of GPP and 1.1 luci style on the overpowering side but falls to gravity. You can french-kiss yourself if it bounces in vents or off a wall etc. Also has 120 default ammo
  • Surge increases damage of some energy-type weapons by a tiny bit and decreases their fire delay. Meaning lasgun can be very powerful with a surge.
  • Biokit inhibits poison damage by a bit
  • Bsuit also provides extra clips/extra energy as if a battpack/ammopack was built into it
  • Bsuit is as tall as GPP one
  • Auto-regeneration (2hp/s without biokit, 4hp/sec with biokit, tbh this is so overpowered that you don’t need a medkit - and I prefer 1hp/sec and 2hp/sec with biokit)
  • Dodge function for sprinting while strafe or backpedal (also means you can’t sprint while strafing unfortunately)
  • Has a forcefield which can be lowered with Q (use buildable) that has 800 hp (I said 999 in video, which is wrong)
  • Teslas work GPP style (fires over turrets and forcefields but has a shorter reach range) but require a DCC to function… I think
  • DCC is a mix. Healing rate doesn’t stack like GPP but they also speed up turret rotation rate iirc.
  • Turrets have a spin-up timer of about 150msec so don’t bother zig-zagging GPP style point blank to avoid their fire.
  • Turret has 30 degree angular limit downwards (meaning the GPP bug also exists where they fire at targets as low as 45 degrees but can’t hit) but also have a range of 300 units… unfortunately. Has 1.1 damage rate, so you could call this an overall nerf by a tiny bit.
  • Armoury has 380 hp (1.1 style) I think. I may need to reconfirm.
  • Humans can buy medkit at armoury
  • Humans can buy stuff immediately without needing to sell their crap
  • Humans can teleport using telenodes
  • Human ckits heal structures faster than they do in 1.1 but still require right mouse button to use.
  • Ckits heal other humans too and work like painsaws in ESD.
  • GPP style armour system which is why alien non-locational damages get the nerf. This is actually fine though because acid blobs and aerazap are still effective while not overpowering like GPP’s instant zap is.
  • Radar has a vertical range detection limit of infinity… or something. I just made that up. This means on maps like rotcanon you’ll see a bunch of super long lines going up/down on your radar screen. Quite useful if you ask me, but also a bit excessive. The range vertically could at least be reduced to 2000 units or something
  • Radar updates 5 times a second or something like that
  • A click is audible when you run out of ammo
  • Energy weapons are prone to getting their ammunition sucked dry by Spitfires and Adv Marauders.

BUGS (Bad Stuff)

  • Vsay doesn’t work. Its command is patched out to prevent server crashes.
  • There may be a few issues with unlagged and the Mass Driver and probably projectile weapons, I need to re-confirm which are true.
  • May require re-starting every few weeks to prevent an issue I don’t know about. It’s what I’ve heard from unofficial hosters that hosted things like the Otrolig mod (KoRx + skins and custom sounds)

@ViruS , please list all of the features that the KoRx mod has.

A beautiful mod based off TremX.

It would be good to see complete feature lists of both KoRx and TremX

uhh it might take me a few days

okay a few hours whatever

Bring back Korx!!! :smiley:
I miss it so much.
It is definetely worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

Tho otrolig and such had some kinda shitty modifications on it that made korx crashy.
The first time I made myself a server on korx, it didn’t crashed. (Never crashed) The only thing that didn’t let me do it was my internet connection But now that I got a good enough one, I can’t portforward anymore :frowning:

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Yes, put a server up and I’ll play. It’s been a long time. Also, this is a nice feature list. I never made one because features accumulated so quickly.


omfg you’re still alive! (You hardly post on the forums and hardly say anything on irc)

Btw do you have a “working” copy of Camper’s C/KoRx client?

I remember there was KoRx server hosted by a clan named DoH (Defends Of Hovel) and even though it was pretty dead, it was still fun cuz all the kewl new stuff.

Nah, I never tried CoRx. I’ve got my source code for KoRx hosted on KoR’s site, but that’s it… no binaries or anything.

Never joined it because it was placed in Europe. I don’t like 400+ ping you know :stuck_out_tongue:

The DoH mod also included server-side bots.

It was never as fun as KOR Korx server. I’ll def stay on trem for a longer time if korx is added back :smiley:
I miss it so much… (As well as hvh and Z… :’( )

Found a video showing how OP the biokit was:


KoRx was my favorite mod!

korx_0.3.3 take this link for download it !
Or Dropbox - korx_0.3.3.rar - Simplify your life and Tremulous

Downloaded it, scanned with Windows Defender and then checked with Virus Total. Here are the results.

Not fool proof, but it seems legit. Don’t blame me if your PC gets a trillion botnets. Or just use a VM to be safe.

Is there a way I could know how to compile your source? I mean I’d def buy a dedicated server to host back a Korx when I get paid, but I’d need to find a way to compile and I can’t find much where I miss the files ^^

Also, do I need to be on linux to compile? ^^

oh, and does it require any db? Like for global mutes and stuffs? :wink: Just wondering, since X had some and few other mods used it too.

@GozeKoya added the trem.rar and mediafire korx 0.3.3 links

Man… It’s been a long time. Yeah, you can still compile it. I don’t remember what the requirements are or anything, but the whole project is up on github:

The Makefile should take care of a lot of it for you. The file here:


Is what I used to package the mod, once built, for release. It’s not required to run Linux to build this, but it’ll make life easier. It stores everything in flatfiles, so no database is required.

caveat: this repository is a bit out of date. I can’t remember what release this was… I want to say pre 0.3.3… the mediafire source is probaby more up to date.

0.4 was in progress when we lost our server and all of the work on that. I believe that’s lost for good.

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sounds good, thx for the help ^^

I’ma do my best to compile a working version and maybe get korx back online ^^