Map problemo

Okay so right now at 9:00 pm my time we had voted to play zeldaworld,when it loaded i noticed the floors and walls were grey and white like unfinished.
now from what i remember,this map definitely has textured walls and floors lol.
by the way i was playing with high settings

any help plox i am using risujin

condump proving im not just making shit up

Cole.Hiv-E6 disconnected
Sanurei23 was in the wrong place.
Sarah was in the wrong place.
Sanurei23 was mass driven by Mei
*<{Affliction connected
*<{Affliction entered the game
Sanurei23 was mass driven by Mei
[S] {NoS}DoctorDoom: i ran it on tremfusion and map was fine
MissingName was in the wrong place.
Sanurei23 was in the wrong place.
[S] {NoS}DoctorDoom: but on risujin theres no textures for floor and walls

Uhm yes but I don’t think that condumps helps if anything you’re the only one that talks in it and there is no relevant information (error mess? idk)

Why don’t you just use TF all the time also?

This is the missing textures texture, so I’m just assuming:

A: Map file is corrupted, or there is something related to its location depending on the client you use. (Downloaded by client A, ran on client B)
B: The map is using textures from another map, which you are missing
C: ???

ehhh idk about B unless the map maker forgot to add the custom textures into the map file then i could see custom textures being missing due to him not having another map from which the textures originally came from.

A good example is with all of trems default maps if you are using textures from these default maps you are not required to put those texture files in the pk3 itself for the custom map you are making because tremulous will automatically recover and place those textures from the default maps you have when playing the custom map.
But if on the other hand if the maker of this map used custom textures but didnt put those custom texture in the pk3 file for their custom map and the person playing this map doesnt have the map from which these textures came from originally tremulous would not be able to locate these textures and fill them in in-game, because the map they came from is not there.

So unless this is the case B is more then likely not the issue.

My 1st suggestion would be to redownload the map to make sure the pk3 is corrupt and see if you are still having the issue.
If you are, please link me the map file and i will check if there are any textures that are missing in the pk3. a condump of everything in the console when the map loads would be of great help also. While i might be wrong i believe when the map loads if there are any missing textures it will give you an error message in all the server info that loads when a new map starts and that way i can figure out what is missing and see if i can maybe fix, or replace the texture.

1.sparky told me i could post condump so i did sucks ass with automatically made autogens

i will try to redownload the map and try again thx for da help

Side note, TF does fine with autogens.

Oh also condumps are asked for error messages and warnings, not for evidence in this case.

Autogens files are like 5kb, why would you even care if this t’was the case?