Map release: Tremor remake

Intro: “For a long time Tremor was one of my favorite maps but never really liked the ‘rushed’ look of it.
So i decided to do justice to Tremor and reshape it.”

TITLE: Tremor Remake 2016
FILENAME: map-tremor_2016_v1.X.pk3
DATE: 15.05.2016
GAME: Tremulous (

Thanks to following ppl for support and bug reports: dGr8LookinSparky , blowFish. Ckit, SUN, Woodbury

General license:
Everyone is allowed to play this map on their pc or host it on their server/ provide a download link.


  • carving out space-theme, means: give the player the impression ‘i’m in space’
  • replace textures who are more like a big machine / space ship. /look better
  • replace whole brushwork with detailed structures who actually make sense related to a spaceship
  • better / extravagant lighting, playing with shadow and light to create a spooky atmosphere
  • correct sound ambient
  • adjust gameplay by extend or reduce play area and keep most of tremor’s layout.
  • this is build from scratch and does not include any brushwork from original tremor but shares very similar layout.
  • high compile settings
  • full vertex lighting including occlusion on all surfaces
  • radiosity bounce
  • ambient occlusion approximates light attenuation due to occlusion
  • lightmaps using high resolutions lightmaps

Important notes:

  • This is an UNOFFICAL remake.
  • It’s not supposed to hurt anybody’s feelings.
  • It’s the way I THINK it should look like. It doesn’t mean that THIS is the new Tremor.
  • You can like it or not but please respect artistic freedom.

-initial release
-polygon count reduced
-vis optimized
-light brightness raised by 14%
-light-spots are now nonsolid, lightmap fixed
-storage03 area: box corner to the right: has now a no-build-area due human camping, boxes moved abit
-missing polygon at alien area (Blowfish) fixed
-‘Little hole at boxes room’ fixed
-flying plant pots fixed, only the biggest pot is solid
-‘The pillar of the ele is also noclipped’ fixed
-‘Under the ele in the botton side position, is a little noclipped area’ fixed

*regarding gl2 effects: i don’t think that i should do any of those effects until Tremulous 1.3 is released because most players do not use newer clients that supports these effects and older client would list a ton of error-messages because they can’t handle these new things.

-hint brushes added
-clipping errors fixed
-un-powered turret moved
-elevator sound & ‘block’ issue fixed
-underground / machinery room re-designed
-lighting changes
-shader changes


Very awesome work @Matth :smiley: !!!

Tremor Remake 2016 v1.0 is now available for playing on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and the test7341 server.

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Looks great!

I found a missing texture in alien base.

vvv Here vvv

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@Matth A proper sun would look great with the gl2 renderer in that plant room.


Couldn’t agree more, excellent work. Thanks

I hope you continue to improve it based off player feedback.

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This map is by far on my ‘map most enjoyed’ list.
Great work!

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Hi Matth, firstly, the map is amazing, thanks for working in one of the old maps of trem, now is more enjoyable.
Secondly, I searched most of the map for little details to see if something was missed, and here are some things and questions to see if that is how you wanted it to be.

#1) Blowfish already pointed 1 little hole in aliens default base.
#2) Little hole at boxes room.
#3) Are the plants supposed to be noclipped? or at least the pots?

#4) The pillar of the ele is also noclipped.
#5) Under the ele in the botton side position, is a little noclipped area too.

#6) The lights marked on the plants room on both sides are walkable (you can step on them without wallwalk)

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Thanks guys. So far i fixed all reported bugs and implemented some suggestions. See first post.
Still, there is this bug remaining that some ppl don’t see the alienbase forcefield…

I have a question. In the crate room near the ele to the basement, sometimes I hear a sound that sounds like a lift I’ve heard in other maps, but it isn’t the ele (as it isn’t activated when I hear this sound, and sounds different from when the ele moves), what is that sound for?

I heard it too, but it was like some pipes cranking actually for me.

I played today a great 10 vs 10 game in this map, very fun, not so human advantaged except when they moved to crates, but that is already fixed, but I found new things on the 1.1 release, here I go @Matth :

#1) Underground got bad textures for some reason, maybe lighting?

#2) In the path to go to the elevator, are some clipped holes. You can walk and build over air.

#3) 2 minimal holes in alien base.

#4) When you are on aliens and using Tyrant, none of the both elevator levers react when you approach them, as adv. goon only the Storage 03 (upper) one reacts, but the underground (lower) one doesnt. All other classes work good.

It might be cool to have a hovering ship in the alien default to further emphasize that that is a landing dock, something like the ship from the siege map

Also it might look cool to having something like the fiber optics from the map orion, used in place of the missing textures underground behind the bars to provide an interesting lighting atmosphere.

Sparky, Woofbury: It’s a sound-trap. It triggers randomly a sound when a player touches it. The idea was to have some variety in sound ambience. :slight_smile:

Underground texture bug: i forgot to include a new texture.

2/3: clipping areas. I work on that too.

4: Buttons are probly too small. I’ll make them bigger for next release.

Spaceship idea: i alrdy had this included but removed it because of two reasons:

  1. fps costly
  2. it reduces the play area. the hangar is just too small.

Orion texture: i really dislike this idea. The underground is dark and cold. Using such a texture will ruin this atmosphere.

The funny thing about the missing textures underground, I thought it was lighting at first and it kinda had a cool looking series of points of light in the distance behind the walls effect to contrast with the other stuff underground.

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Hi @Matth

I found 2 more things that may be fixed.

  1. If you press the lift lever, and run to another place on the map, you still can hear the lift going up or down. (tried with goon, and went to alien base fast enough to hear the lift starting to move when I was in alien base)

  2. The vent entrance beside alien base, if a human stands just in the squared entrance he cant be killed by goons, but this will be fixed in 1.3, so no worries, just letting you know about that thing.

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I almost forgot to mention that one of the default rets is out of range from the rc power.

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Way better than your atcs remake, provides good visibility, keeps the original map’s mood relatively well and doesn’t affect the gameplay negatively. Garden, and just in front of default bases is really laggy for lower specs computers though, and I’m unsure if hint brushing would help. Inside of bases is way less laggy than in front of them.

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These would be defined in separate .mtr files alongside the current shaders. People with old clients would load the .shader and new clients load the .mtr. When we release 1.3, I’d love to see this ready-to-go using “fully featured textures”, so I’ll probably be pinging you (in some time) about creating additional texture maps :slight_smile:

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MaeJong: Thanks, you are right about the hint brushes but there is a problem. I used hints almost in all my maps but players started to complain that their radar doesn’t work properly because the radar code is related to vis. So what should i do? Use more hints to solve a problem and create another one or don’t do that and leave one problem unfixed…

romdos: :+1:

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The thing is blind corners aren’t all a problem, it depends how they are located, quick example:

In order to remain only mildly annoying to players, this is what should happen:

Player [color=FF0000]A[/color] should be able to see player [color=FFCC44]E[/color] and [color=00FF00]C[/color] on radar, but [color=8888FF]B[/color], [color=FFFF00]D[/color] and [color=FF9999]F[/color] should be hidden.
Player [color=FFCC44]E[/color] should be able to see [color=FF0000]A[/color], [color=8888FF]B[/color], [color=00FF00]C[/color], and [color=FF9999]F[/color], but not [color=FFFF00]D[/color].
Player [color=8888FF]B[/color] can see everyone but player [color=FF0000]A[/color].

So, off the top of my head two possible solutions would be:

Which would, if I remember everything about vis correctly, prevent [color=FFCC44]E[/color] from seeing [color=00FF00]C[/color], which is what we’re trying to avoid.

Instead, you could try to go for something like this:

While not the most optimal performance-wise, it’d still allow people to see stuff behind corners to some extent, and most players wouldn’t care about it.

I haven’t tested the vis on your map so I’m not really sure how to help you, and I don’t remember some things about hint brushing, so this is the best I can do to help off the top of my head.