Menu music

Post here the music you made / found/ advize for trem 1.3 menu

  • I would like to see something similar to the original music
  • I would like to see something different to the original music
  • I would like to see something else ( please, explain what do you want to see )

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The original, for reference:

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Here is a potential main menu song @avarthar made a little while ago:

Here is another potential one that @NewSource made a little while ago as well:

Something to keep in mind, we could have multiple main menu songs, that cycled each time you started the client.


WoW! I like this new main music! :smiley: :thumbsup:

This music is really good, but it use original sound of tremulous, is it an issue for copyright stuff?

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Possibly, but the music (or something similar in concept) could probably be redone with replacement sounds that we ultimately choose and that are appropriately licensed. At the very least, these examples can offer some good inspiration :slight_smile: .


I’d like to see something similar to the original theme. That would be awesome if we could tweak it and license it

I created a poll so you can tell us what do you want for the trem menu 1.3


Voted on #3. (I would like to see something else.)

The reason I voted this is:

It’s great to have remixes/remakes of the original music, but what about what sparky said? (If we have multiple musics)
Wouldn’t it be too repetitive to have only remakes/remixes of the original?

I do understand that we don’t wanna get too far since the music is already great for the main menu. But we could include both remixes/remakes and some good made custom musics. (Either cc-by or literally composed by himself.)

In my case, it would yet be easier to compose a new music than rewrite a good orchestral version of the original ^^.

Anyway, I would personally prefer having both original and custom musics being included. (Maybe do a little contest that would either reward something or reward the player being first of, added to the credits but would also make him get much more known if he wants to start in music. ^^ (If we do get trem on steam once we got nothing copyrighted in it, it would be possible.)

Now I’ma go back to my composition ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:



The individual sounds that have issues are (supposedly) copyrighted works that are re-licensed (invalidly) as CC-BY-SA. However it is almost certain that the samples are indeed free to use without royalties.

The sounds themselves can be added to the ‘Media License Expemptions’ section of the README, and the songs that use them can still be licensed as CC-BY-SA.

If big-label recording artists can get away with using other people’s sounds & samples without prior permission (and make money/record sales from doing it), we can release a free song that uses ‘free samples’ and there will never be any negative consequence or ramifications.


I voted for #3, because I would like to see multiple songs included, and pick a random one to play each time (each time the game is loaded or you return to the main menu screen (having just been connected to something). The individual tracks should loop, and keep the same track going until it stops when you load load a map/connect to a server/quit the game.


I voted for #3 also, for the same reasonas @romdos & @avarthar.

I vote for number 3, nothing to say, still same reasons with @romdos @dGr8LookinSparky and @avarthar.

I am going to close the poll at the end of this week

Ya, but if you wan’t use my version…there is BIG problem…this one have too bad mastering and other music enginering shit.

Secound and MAIN problem…im retard, im probably by accident removed source .rns (reason 5 document), but left .rps file (Reason publish song document, i created that for every1 can look “how it works” but can’t do some shit based in mine work… Rps, they is impossible to change, they encrypted) So im loosed document of my remix, and i can’t make better mastering, only if by some hacky method dectypt .rps or redo remix from scratch (or how that called, in English)

Forgot trem had music, removed it and haven’t heard it in like actually 8 years kek

I got something here, I know it’s crap anyways this is the link: