More buildpoints

Hey everyone,

Just a suggestion, is it possible to add more buildpoints into both teams? It’s easier to build secondary bases or to defend one, which obviously will make the games last a bit longer. What do you think ?

people wouldn’t use the extra bp for secondary bases, they’d just spam more turrets in main base. So no, it’s a bad idea, arguing for something for the sake of long games is faulty logic imo.

Actually, the amount of bp isn’t really a major determining factor in the length of games. If we didn’t have sudden death nor a time limit on GrangerPub/GrabgerClub with the 1.1 vanilla game play and the same amount of build points, most games there would likely be hours long (or longer), since there would be unlimited bp regeneration. Additionally, the amount of bp doesn’t effect the amount of camping that can occur in trem, I have seen equal camping abilities in 1.1 vanilla as in high build point mods. Also, as Dark mentioned, simply adding more build points alone doesn’t encourage forward building, and in most cases would just result in a larger more densely built central base.

What is needed is a new game play (hint hint hint) with some fundamental differences that makes building forwards easier, gives an advantage to having forwards, encourages smart building, and penalizes spammy building.

Perhaps more BP doesn’t encourge forward base builds- so raise the BP around repeaters.

/set g_humanRepeaterBuildPoints 60


This is not perfect number for the job probably, but it effectively means you can build bases ​the old way​, or you can use your BP to build repeater forward bases at the expense of less BP to protect your RC.

The cost of each repeater is taken from the g_humanBuildPoints
and in the repeater zone you get ​60​ BP

Overlapping repeaters do not increase this number exactly- but then again overlapping repeaters are kinda odd scenario anyway*.

g_humanRepeaterMaxZones IIRC is effectively max-imum repeater count

  • Range markers make this easier


Currently there is no equivalent advances in the Alien BP- however, they have more BP by default.

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and are less reliant on base defense structures anyways.

i would also suggest bigger maps. ubp on big maps like procyon was really great because ppl saw value in having forward base closer to enemy

I really like the sound of this idea and I personally would build a helluva lot more if this was implemented.

That is essentially what gpp vanilla’s zoned bp system does.

Hmm- maybe i can convince sparky or cron to change up some settings for tonights dev-game.

What is different in what you are proposing from zoned bp?

Assuming you have these cvars in your qvm- I haven’t verified if it is same as upstream.

I have just set those cvars on the test7341 server to the values you have suggested, however there is a bug with g_humanRepeaterMaxZones in that the maximum number of repeaters is not restricted by this, but something buggy occurs when building more repeaters than that max. That could use a fix on the vaniilla_wip branch before the dev games tonight (hint, hint, cough, cough, @blowFish , cough, hint ) :wink: .

Probably worth setting it back to 500 (or whatever default is on server) for max zones. I was seeing some instability too in testing.

Or how about starting BP=150 THEN A SEMI SUDDEN DEATH at around 15:00 which drops BP to 75 or 100 then same sudden death mechanics after

or just use the repeater idea? smh at all these suggestions it’s really not that hard.

Or maybe make the Reactor and Repeater provide a fixed amount of “power” and only allows a set amount of buildables built around it.

(Sorry if that’s what you guys meant. I did read, but I didn’t see it anywhere…)

The GPP mod Cuboid did have a power network system for humans that was based more on how power works, that had new ways in limiting how building was done for humans, and made buildable spam disadvantageous, and added new strategic elements to the game play, however this system was a bit complicated and had a somewhat tough learning curve (more so than vanill 1.1/gpp). I wrote a description of this system here: .

As a side note, Cuboid did not have a new overall build system implemented for aliens, and as a result had imbalances in game play.

True, but maybe we could get something like that, but on both sides. Maybe make a Maximum buildables allowed around Om and Eggs? The only thing that might be tricky is when building an egg next to the om. It would be needed that it don’t reset the “available power”…
Maybe we could also try to find a new idea for the bp system. (It is good as it is, but if you want to make the base forwarding more profitable, we’d need such system as the “available power” one.)