More Maps Added To GrangerPub US East

The following maps have now been added to the [color=limegreen]Granger[/color][color=cyan]Pub[/color] US East Server

Mission One Beta 7


Tremship B4

the Bunker

Narrow Edge


A.T.C.S. Zone Alpha

Under Water 2

Death Maze

Other World Beta 1



Dark Castle

City Overun Beta 1

Gloom 3T

Paint 9

A.T.C.S. 2YB

A.T.C.S X2

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Infested Pump Station +!00

Yes, thanks.

why paint 9? Paint 7 is better! XD

Can you add those maps in a topic where everyone can download them fastly than from trem server? Thanks

Click on their names, I have already linked them, that is why the names are blue :slight_smile: . Also you can download any of the maps that are on GrangerPub or GrangerClub directly from GrangerHub’s map repo: Index of /base/

Paint 9 is the least troll of the Paint maps. So it is suitable enough for GrangerPub which is a public server.

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