Must say Hi

I made my account yesterday, but I thought I would stop on by Introductions and say Hi. So without further ado, Hi guys! How have things been going with all of you?

Sup Ghost. Which alien is your favourite to play as?

PS. I highly suggest to edit your profile and choose the most baller avatar so my internet autism doesn’t trigger when I see default icons.

Hai, how are you? I hope you good

I rather would play humans, but an alien that I would choose is the goon. The others are all pains to use. Also, I tried to change my profile picture, but it would not work do not know why.

And, I am good thanks. How about you both? Also, which alien do you two prefer to use, and favorite human weapon?

hmm for alien is drecth, dragoon, and tyrant, for human maybe rifle, shotgun, lasgun, lucifer cannon :smile:

Hi Ghost :slight_smile: ,

To change your profile picture, you would have to change it on the main website, Then the next time you sign into the forums, it would be updated.

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ohai ghost

Hi Ckit! How are you?

Also, Hi Sparky! How are you as well?
And which alien do you both prefer as well as human weapon. My personal favorite alien is the Advanced Granger. It’s melee is OP. But it isn’t my favorite to play as :wink:

Hi Ghost :slight_smile: ,

Well I too like grangers, as its building is a big part of the fun in Tremulous. Some mods have made the granger extra interesting. The granger from NewSource’s gpp Halloween mod is perhaps the most op alien I have ever seen, it can take down a heavily built up human base in 15 seconds. On the gpp mod Cuboid, granger spit can implant an unsuspecting human with an egg, that causes the human to burst alive when an alien spawns from that human, that is always fun

For alien combat I believe I have almost mastered the rant in 1.1 vanilla. I’m getting ok with the goon and adv goon in 1.1 Vanilla. I almost dretch as well in 1.1 vanilla as I do in gpp. In gpp vanilla, adv goon and dretch are probably among my best aliens, but probably the alien I have mastered the most is the Hummel (a flying alien from Edge based gpp mods)(I’m also pretty good at adv dretch). The wraith from Edge based mods looked cool, and could be very fun, but I didn’t get a chance to play it in a proper match yet.

As for human weapons, I don’t have a favourite at the moment as general prefer to play on the alien team, how ever I do like using the ckit on any mod, for the same reason I gave above that I like playing as grangers. The ckit has probably been the most fun for me on Cuboid.


I’m good thanks Ghost!

Cheesy answer Ckit :wink:
Accpetable though haha. You’re Welcome. Hope to see you in game sometime soon again!

Hi Ckit, we’ve had a lot of fun together, remember all of the building on Cuboid? :wink:

Hai Sparky!

Of course! All Ckit’s are built with a memory of their previous users and the structures they have built! ;D

Whoooooooooooooooooooooa! AWESOME! XD