My thoughts on the tremulous admins so far

To start off I would like to say that the admins are doing all right so far. Yes it has being that 1 or 2 admins are afk when a Decon happens but that doesn’t affect the admins. Well obviously an admins duty is to protect the players who want to play trem normally from the ones who cause grief,impersonation,Decon bases for their amusement. Which is not funny and ruins the game for other people. Admins are doing well trying to get rid of these pesky people. Help people is an admins second job and admins are there(if they aren’t afk), to help you when your team has being griefed by those game ruiners(as I call them,call them what u want). First they get rid of the griefer and revert what the griefer has destroyed. Any way well done admins so far for your great work. Thank you. PS: when will 1.3 be out?


I only wish admins were online more often. Sometimes there are 20+ players online but no admin is on to revert a basenade.

The devs won’t give you an honest answer so I’ll allow myself to do it instead: never.

This is not true, I’m sure GrangerHub developers don’t really have a set date, they are just working until it finally finishes which will be its release date. :slight_smile: