Need help making a new clan!

Hey tremulous users i have many ideas for a new clan!! i have some cool names for it too… here are a few of them {H8} {M8} {sWaG} and {ET}

this clan will consist of many skilled and friendly players, and people must apply or be invited for this clan, if I get enough people that have an interest to join the clan, i will set up an administration for the clan by selecting trust-able players and maybe a separate web page for it as well!!

reply or pm me ideas, also include clan name that you like in pm/reply! thanks for the help!

p.s. new clan name suggestions are accepted and encouraged…


good luck finding clan mates :smile:

Sun…suggestion for name of clan: :SwaG:

{KKK} will attract a few players off the bat

GG Gucci Gang.

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Fucking Terrible is a decent name right?
tag = FT.

What’s ET stand for?


Sun if u still wanna make clan with name SWAG…then


SWAG Mean Secretly we are GAYS, so…i don’t suggesting use dat in clanname…btw i learned it, when find one image in vk…

(dat image in Rus, but important moment in ENG, i about decoding and word)

P.S i have nothing agains’t gays, but rlly making clan with name SWAG…it too not fun

sun just join a random clan bro, hate to break it to you but your clan will die really quickly anyways. People really won’t take your clan serious and you’re probably not going to get decent players in your clan because all the good ones are already in one (except me, pick me up anyone? jk jk jk jk) You’d just become NoS 2.0 picking up all the nooby eu / gpp players. You’re 14 or something right? i understand that you’re really hyped about making a clan and scrimming and shit, but just trust me that it’s not going to work, get some experience in another serious clan first before you try to 120% it. Making a clan is as easy as making up a random shitty name and throwing your irl friends an invite, having your clan survive for more than a month is hard! Setting up scrims and having a scrim team takes time time and requires you to practice. Recruiting people and keeping a clan’s reputation up is hard! This is not a hate reply, just a reminder that it isn’t as easy as 123.

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How about just dont make a clan

How profound

This ^^^

you haz ze probleem witz ze gays comrade? …cyka blyat

Sun, don’t listen to all those who say ‘don’t do anything new’, ‘you will fail’, ‘practice first’, etc. make a clan, name it however you want and don’t waste time on thinking about best name ever. if you make it, good for you; if you fail, you’ll learn new things. don’t let haters stop you :slight_smile:


kk if it’s gonna be like that, i won’t waste my time any further if people are still too stupid to understand that some things just don’t work like you want them to. You know just as well as i do that sun’s new clan won’t last a month and that any good+ players that join it are only trolling, there’s just no point in making a new clan if you don’t know exactly what you want to achieve and/or have 0 experience. It’s just gonna be a tag that 3 people wear, while sun doesn’t even know the other 2 guys. I was gonna save him the trouble and dissapointment, but fine, make your clan, see how far it gets you…

It is called trial and error. That is how science advances. That is how technologies are developed. That is how unlikely ideas become successful projects. Don’t fear the likelihood of failure when trying something new. When you make mistakes, own and learn from your mistakes so that you can do better when you try again. We all make mistakes.

Dark is not wrong about how difficult it is to start a clan that sustains, that it is unlikely to be successful the first few times, and that it could be very beneficial for sun to get experience in an existing clan. However, success is certainly impossible if attempts are never made. If no one did anything that had a chance to fail, not only would we not have science & technology, not only would we not have civilization, not only would we not have any knowledge at all, but our species probably would have gone extinct ages ago.


I, for one, welcone our new clan overlords.


They ph33r the sunphantom reckage