New clan im making by Foreigner

Hey guys
Foreigner here!

Today I’m making a new clan here.
here is some FAQ here so i don’t get a lot of question.


What will the clan be called?

The clan will be called FM

what does the clan symbol stand for?

FM stands for ForeignMaples

Are there any rules?

Yes there are rules.

The rules are

-No cheating
-No impersonation
-Respect the rules

If i want to join what will i need to do?

If you want to join just answer this form.


1.What is your in-game name?
2. Have you being in any previous clans?
3. Why do you want to join this clan?

here is an example:

1.What is your in-game name?
My in-game name is Foreigners
2. Have you been in any previous clans?
No, i have not been in any previous clans.
3. Why do you want to join this clan?
I want to join this clan because i have not being in a clan before.

Once you answered the form just post your answers as a comment.

Thanks for reading,

From Foreigner.