New FIle System Alpha Testing

We have started an alpha test of the new file system (special thanks to @Chomenor for his work on this file new file system) for the upcoming latest Tremulous 1.3 client release by GrangerHub. We need testers over the next couple of weeks for getting this system perfected for the next release. We are calling on the Tremulous community to help us with this.

You can find the latest alpha release of this test client on my personal github account here: . You can report bugs/suggestions either on GrangerHub’s issue tracker for Tremulous on github ( ), or in a reply to this thread here on the GrangerHub forums ( New FIle System Alpha Testing ).

This new file system addresses many old bugs and offers many new features, in general the client should run smoother especially in regards to loading files. This file system is backwards compatibility friendly, it has much improved search and loading algorithms, it prevents file conflicts for pure and semi-pure servers, it only keeps the pk3 files loaded that you are actually using (so you can keep an indefinite number of pk3 files in your Tremulous homepath without having to worry about this client crashing), it has a more straight forward organization of folders in the homepath, this file system is especially friendly with the multiprotocol support, this file system offers new useful debugging commands, and has a lot more.

You can read more about the new features here: .

NOTE: This alpha release is not ready for hosting servers, we will be testing that a bit later, this alpha release is primarily focused on the client.


We have a minor update, the basemod/ folder is now available as an additional option in the Browse Folders menu in the main menu.

The basemod/ is one of the major features in the new file system. Nothing can download to this folder, but things you manually place in this folder override the base games, this is especially useful for custom texturepacks, and good for local use, as well as on unpure and semi-pure servers.

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We have a new update that fixes an issue with loading custom HUDs. Be sure to check out the latest release at:

We have a new update that restricts certain file extensions on pure servers. So far it seems that the custom HUDs still work fully, but let us know if any bugs are found with custom HUDs, or in regards to anything else.

The latest update corrects the directory layout in the vms pk3 files. This error in the previous releases would cause issue when loading a local map, but now that’s fixed and it is included in the latest alpha test release:

We have just updated the to a new alpha test release that includes Buom01’s many improvements to the assets, menus, ui, and some other misc improvements. Try out the latest test release here:

We have a new updated alpha test release ready, v1.3.0-alpha.0.14.11. This update includes:

  • update from the master branch
  • update the default assets
  • make r_lightmap not cheat protected
  • update pk3 manifest processing
  • fix the bucket system
  • merge in the new chat color formats/features