New skins for tyrant, advanced tyrant, dretch and advanced dretch

New skins. Lincese is the same as the one from original rant/dretch as they are used as a base. Just give me credits in addition to the original author. The skins have been adjusted and partly recreated to fit the color sheme of dragoon classes. Here is what I think about the classes:
advanced dretch should behave pretty much like the one from edge. It can pounce but has no more hp. Cost should be an evo. I think advanced dretch should also have a grappeling hook similar to the slime zunge or the first class from Quake 2 Gloom but not as long. So it can hug itself to humans or aliens and swing around corners.

The advanced tyrant should behave like the queen from Alien movies. It bases upon the normal rant where the normal rant is degraded to 350 hp and is smaller and cheaper. The normal rant should have the redish skin similar to the normal dragoon. The alien queen/advanced rant should be able to build but cant attack during build, moves much slower and has a higher build timer than granger. So granger should be prefered over queen for base creation while the queen still can spawn a new base if required. It is able to pounce by charging trample then press jump. The skin has a toxic animation shader so it has a poisonous spit taken from acid tube for ease of coding. Maybe the damage is a bit lower to not make it op. Also alien queen can stick to wall as seen in the final battle at the end of Alien 2 movie when it fights against the battle mech and pounces around in the hangar and slowly wallwalks the ceiling. Wallwalking bigger aliens would cause some bugs in Tremulous maybe. Thats why I would have it just stick to walls using wallwalk button but no wallwalking as that would be kinda op too and look bad.

PS: Dont cry when you get squished by a queen. It just happens sometimes. Not only in the movies.

Dretch and advanced dretch:

Tyrant and advanced tyrant - warning, wracked transparency layer:

level4.shader (457 Bytes)

Well the uploading feature kinda destroys the tyrant skins. They should be png at all because it has transparency. Also the poison flow shouldnt be white but have underlaying tyrant color as viewed on the screenshots because the greenish poison floats on the advanced tyrant skin from time to time. The dretch is just fine as png. Well it could be jpg but quality jpg and png compresses to the same size with zip/pk3. I still dont get what went wrong with the tyrant skins.

I uploaded everything to my pro noob artwork page in case you want the pngs for tyrant. If the link below does not work, try to enter only the toplevel address It has index.html and also large versions of the screenshots.


I like the idea however why do we want something that looks exactly like a Dragoon, Tyrant or has the same theme of it? I think it would be more cooler to use the regular dretch skin but have changes to it hence advance dretch same with the Tyrant. I think taking features directly from the Adv Dragoon or Dragoon is a bit odd for example how the Adv Mara is the same yet it has slightly new features or the the Adv Dragoon, but that is just my opinion. Other than that it looks pretty cool good job. :slight_smile:

@nozl this is pretty cool. I was wondering how hard is it to let users customize their players. It would be really cool for the players to recognize each other. For instance, the enemy can recognize the player that they killed or got killed by. Can we just overlay some premade graphics that can be selected from the options menu?

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We already have a custom model system thanks to @blowFish , and that can include custom skins. So far we have only been testing with custom models (with accompanying skins) made for ioquake 3 mods that don’t fit in with the trem theme, but all we need are new cusotm assets designed for trem, and we can make use of the system even for aliens. For starter, having just a few new skins made for each class can yeiled a lot of fun variety, even before making new custom models.


I gave them the same theme to state they belong to eachothers and are brothers or sisters. Most modern and professional teamgames give their units a fitting theme to state they are the same team and for better look. Both the grey tyrant and the brown dretch didnt fit the dark blue/red/white theme of the other aliens so I decided do reskin them. Both also lack the advanced skins for their classes.
On the function side that are just suggestions. The advanced dretch from Korx and from Edge/Newedge was also able to pounce, that is why I suggested that and it was widely accepted. The grappling hook is unique for moving classes. Same as the toxic spit and queens from the Alien movies were able to pounce long before tremulous has been created. The basilisk has only gas no toxin. I also dont want to waste the coders time by suggesting all new features as the slime has the grapple implemented and the acid tube got the function for particles and damage coded ready to copy it over.
I could as well add new grey or brown skins for dragoon, basilisk and marauder but I am not sure if that is worth the effort because that would require reskinning all other classes instead of just two.
How about you help ? suggest some features or help me create the brown theme. What should a brown dragoon do, should it have grappeling hook too ? or wallwalk maybe ? at least the marauder didnt look bad when it was able to wallwalk in Newedge some time ago. One alien could also have a trapping spit or carry a hive that can be fired from time to time which may be very good against campers.