New weapon model

Greetings fellow Tremulants,
I am working on a cool new weapon model. Here are some sketches I made with different proportions, and also different styles of text.

Please suggest ideas and make other comments!
Licensed under cc-by-sa random version.

– rlb

I like the second and the third one. Nice job.

It’s a new rifle or a new weapon?
If it’s new, what kind of arm would you like to do?

In my opinion I would like to see a “new” shotgun that fires bullets of energy (like mass, pulse, etc.)

oooo that sounds neat i would love to see a new shotgun as well since that is the main gun i use.

It’s just a new weapon model, up for grabs by whoever wants to use it, for whatever purposes :wink:

I think all the “default” or “original” weapons look pretty cool already, I’m just doing this for fun and practice and in case anyone wants extra weapons for future mods.

3-D models coming soon once I get textures for them, I put the sketches up to see what sort of proportions people like :wink:

I don’t quite understand you. Could you clarify?

Thanks for comments!

– rlb

Yeah sorry I mean if the arm is “new” (so not a new design of a weapon that already exist) what would you like to do (so how many damage, bullets, etc etc.)?

Up to whoever wants to use it :wink: This is just graphix.

The first gun looks crazy, I say go with that. Maybe change the magazine style to that of the second gun.