On the Origin of Tremulous as a Standalone game

How did ioquake3 turn to standalone tremulous? What changes were made?
(I would like to know in order to have a better chance of using trem on raspi/mobile. I am by no means a developer and I do not know code, so please refrain from using “nerdy” terms)

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Tremulous started as a mod in 2001 on Quake III back when Quake III was proprietary. Quake III’s source code (not its assets, which still remain proprietary) was released in 2005 under the GPLv2+ license. Here is the code as originally released: https://github.com/id-Software/Quake-III-Arena . Notice that there is only a single commit.

Ioquake 3 was created shortly after that code was released, to provide a publicly maintained version of that released code with a ton of bug fixes, enhancements, and new features that can be used to play on Quake III, as well as a bases of other open source games to build on, such as Tremulous. Ioquake3 is still being developed and is still being developed today, and is still compatible with Quake 3. Also, the latest Tremulous source code has for the most part kept up with the updates of ioquake3.

Here is the ioquake github.com repo of ioquake3: https://github.com/ioquake/ioq3 . Notice that it has 2908 commits past the Quake III repo. Notice that Darklegion’s Tremulous repo on github.com has 3133 commits : https://github.com/darklegion/tremulous/tree/gpp . Tremulous does have most of the commits from ioquake3 (that were merged into the Tremulous repo as ioquake3 has been updated over the years) plus a lot more, and Trem is missing commits from ioquake3.

You could study the commit history of both repos to better understand both projects and what they have in common and what is different. You could also use a diff utility between those two repo to see line by line what all of the differences are.

Others might be able to add significantly more to this discussion.


Btw, Tremulous is from “ioquake3” after Quake III engine (id Tech 3) was released. The actual of Tremulous was released in 2006, but before Tremulous was stabled, there have many members were planning to make a massive project to make a mod as well.

That is incorrect. While it is true that Tremulous was released as a standalone game based on ioquake3 in 2006, as I stated above, Tremulous started as a Quake III mod in 2001.


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