Order pls :)

hello grangerplayers ! :smiley: if you have a good GAME.QVM modified pls share it for me pls :slight_smile: if you want. if you don’t want problems you can share the link in PM. thanks for you attention :slight_smile:

HI BRO, u NEED GAME.qvm for 1.1? mb i can make for you unique one? i am VERY COOL PROGRAMMER what programming in C! so i can make u fun 0)))))

Here’s my lovely buggy qvm. Go have fun

Settings, features, whatever you want to call it:
-sv_privateclients 8
-sv_maxclients 12
-!bot add [bot name] [team]
!loadrotation (for long-time server owners rather, not really useful for local use)
/node (path nodes)
!drawnodes (draws path nodes)
/callvote tk (teamkill mode - be warned, don’t activate it when you’re near turrets/trappers!)
/callvote vamp (vampire mode which allows you to steal health from other players- known to crash the server however I think this might be fixed, might not be, but it is certainly fixed if you rebuilt using the current source but you will get buggy marauder zaps in return which causes fatal crashes anyway)
/itemtoggle blaster - to skip weapon re-fire delay (to emulate xonotic-style weapon switching, although now it’s currently broken and makes some guns overpowered)
bots that wallhack-like time their luci shots around walls
dynamic luci balls
definable bot characteristics without recompiling (latency and lead using g_ cvars, and shake/aim delay using bot level when adding the bot initially)
faulty invis-battlesuits for bots
floaty-supreme maneuverability (cpma physics)
marauder zaps that continue zapping after death
lawn mowing tyrants, though not-so-much lawn mowing when humans wear armour
humans don’t get gassed by basilisks if wearing a helmet or battlesuit rather than if wearing light armour or battlesuit
dretch bites are weaker but deal similar damage per second to cope with fatsuits and not be so overpowering against nakeds
goon barb explosions
granger barb knockback
trapper damage, and also traps fellow aliens
hidden “spy” class for aliens
hidden “haxgun” for humans
hitsounds support (your client must use an appropriate cgame.qvm and have assets in correct locations to work)
alien sense for fellow aliens and structures (must use appropriate cgame.qvm)
dynamic alien sense for longer distance detection and distance intepretation (must use appropriate cgame.qvm)
ramp jumps (ramp-boosted when bunny hopping off a ramp with horizontal velocity)
double jumps (for bunnyhopping up stairs without losing significant velocity, although does not work so well if you’re travelling “too fast”)
blaster area of effect knockback to deal with dretch storms
mass driver isn’t hitscan, but rather a projectile


full list: GPP-1-1/README at master · ZdrytchX/GPP-1-1 · GitHub

sample video: