[Passed:3] NS admin app.... :)

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:
• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
Moscow (UTC+4)
• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:
I Wanna play Trem, have fun, and make fun for others
• What is your past admining experience:
Good, i am good admin on Gamezoo and test8796 :smile:
• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:
Admin should Must maintain order, punish player ONLY if he break server rules (not by "he betterthat me or other), admin SHOULD’T defend own friends, if he break rules (like ur friend totally break rules, but you say "he good, he should’t got kick/ban)
• What level are you applying for:
7 or 8
• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):

Hola amigo! Thanks for apping, vote has been set up

Okay :slight_smile:

Passed, level 3 for now.