[PASSED: 4] Dark's App

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:
Dark, DarkMicrobe, lel, Rain, Allahu Ak-47Bar, a2thfairy
Registered name = lel (for whatever reason, maejong gave me level2 when this was my name)

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
GMT + 1 (6 hours ahead of NY)
I play tremulous daily, i might take the occasional day off because of excessive amounts of school homework etc, i play trem about 2/3 hours a day, probably 5/6 hours or so in weekends.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:
I feel like i’m of use to the admin team simply because of my time zone, i’m on pretty often at NY time 11am, and there’s usually 4v4 / 6v6 games going on without an admin in the game (5 logs with decons, no admins around, all pretty big games.)

• What is your past admining experience:
New-Edge admin (lvl6 or lvl7, one under lead admin)
Ended quite painfully, i could fill 3 applications with the details but i’m not going to unless someone asks me to (I’d have to give some bj’s here and there to get all the logs and threads in my possession). Long story short: Lead admins and i disagreed on how i handled certain somewhat personal situations between players, shouldn’t happen again as i don’t have any irl friends that still play trem anymore.

F1 for creativity, jk i snaked it off google, still F1 pls for sad story

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:
-Take responsibility for your actions
-Ban the living hell out of anyone that intentionally decons or basenades
-For all other problems, adress and fix the problem if needed but try to live and let live, noone likes admins that go full third reich mode
-Make quick yet well thought about decisions (aka don’t leave pause on for 5 minutes)

• What level are you applying for:
I’d like level 5 for the admin chat, but that probably isn’t doable as a first time applier, i’ll play the hand im dealt

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):
@Bird ( i think),@Shuffle, @Ckit

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Poll set up.

“certain somewhat personal situations between players”
Lmao. The story is simple:
Newsource joined NewEdge server.
Admin didn’t like how he was acting: trolling ppl, trash talking etc…
So DarkMicrobe "trolled " him in order to punish him: He used his admin power to rename Newsource, and then the lead admin ( and server owner) deleted the admin power of Darkmicrobe.

NE is dead now, but I prefer the NewEdge mod than this kanker hub gameplay: KillWhore+ Rant OP

Thanks for applying.

i just hope it’s not the only reason why it shouldn’t happen again. should you loose your admin when u find new friends? :smile:

true story? if so, i also hope you won’t use your powers to troll and rename ppl

good luck

I knew you’d come around.

Yeah on the newedge server everyone did some pretty stupid shit, me included (lead admin as well btw, lol)
Newsource didn’t speak english very well at the time (not trying to start the flamewar here) and everyone on the server made fun of his cyka blyat ways of playing the game. At some point in time newsource decided to rename to DarkMicroPenis, and rather than just renaming him (offensive nicknames / admin impersonation could be renamed by admins on new-edge) i decided he should taste some of his own medicine, which is why whenever newsource was on me and my friends would rename to things Like NoobSource, FoodSource, FoodSauce, NoobSauce, CykaPower, etc. Really immature on my behalf but newsource’s reactions only made it better at the time (classic bully problem) I thought newsource was fine with it at the time, these kind of things happened to almost everyone on the server somewhere along the line, but he got really upset, and admittedly, i didn’t know when to stop. I think it’s fair to say that newsource and i don’t get along too well, but i’ve heard newsource is behaving fine on this server (i haven’t had problems with him yet) However on new-edge there was a lot of trashtalking, threats, deconning, basenading done by him (Again, i’d have to ask the new-edge owners for the threads / logs) But as i said, i haven’t had problems with newsource since so i’m pretty certain we can just get along with each other like normal folks.
I decided to step down after a 2 hour long talk with the lead admin and I stopped playing for a while, when i got back newsource was permed for exactly the same reasons i was muting / kicking him for. I decided not to make a big deal out of it on this server, as i’ve already stated in my app, i prefer to live and let live.
I felt like i needed to post this because @Harry_Cover didn’t quite tell the whole story.

On a less serious note: [quote=“bird, post:7, topic:1129, full:true”]
I knew you’d come around.

So, let the dead past bury its dead?
Good luck on your app DarkMicrobe.

– rlb

Everyone can get affected by the environments they work, play, and live in. Likewise, everyone can have an effect on those environments. Everyone has an important responsibility to keep our community’s environment in good shape. It is the game server admins’ and forum moderators’ job to lead by example in fulfilling that responsibility, and intervening only when absolutely necessary with the minimum amount of intervention required.

We all make mistakes, and we all have our bad moments, that is just part of being on the irl human team. It is essential to not respond to poor behavior with poor behavior, as those reactions can result in a vicious circle, grudges, and negative energy wearing down on everyone involved. Forgiveness is important for the forgiver and for the forgiven, so as to break such viscous circles. I’m not saying that poor behavior shouldn’t be addressed, but there are correct ways and incorrect ways to do so.

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Passed L4.