[PASSED: 6] bird's app

Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:

  • Stranger (registered)
  • ^bird

What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:
(UTC -5)

Within Grangerpub’s current employment are some 32 admins. Of those 32 only 5 share my timezone; Sparky, krtv, harry, hendrich, and sunphantom.

Seeing as Harry is on a self-mandated hiatus, Sparky is an operator, Hendrich is waiting on specific in-game adjustments to be active, and Sunphantom is L3, the server and it’s inhabitants therein can benefit from another admin in this time zone.

I can be on about 6 hours daily. Although, every fall I play for a local soccer team, this limits my playtime and puts me at about 2-3 hours a day. After the few month long soccer season my schedule will revert back to normal with the exception of varied work dates.

Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:

The men helming this/these project(s) seem to genuinely strive for a tremulous revival, a population spike, and an improvement in the Community’s morale. Something seldom found in a game that’s nine years old and has been neglected by past public server owners. On 2013+ AA Server admin was more of a social status than a peacekeeping and law enforcing body. On AA2 server it seemed that admin was based solely on how friendly you were with Gus, competent or not. Here administration is taken seriously and handled rather professionally. The owners of this server are zealous about server upkeep and community elation. This is evident in the code of conduct soon to be finalized and the sets of rules they’re meticulously crafting to protect the general populous and ensure a safe and friendly play area. To admin on this/these server(s) is to do something meaningful for the dedicated group of people who still play this game religiously. I feel that I speak eclectically for the regulars of pub/club when I say that we haven’t seen a friendlier environment on Trem for years. This is something I can see myself safeguarding and dedicating my time to.

What is your past admining experience:

  • |NN| Server circa '09-'10: L6-10
  • QQ Server circa '11: L9 out of 9 alongside Cerkitz, he spearheaded the idea for the server and entrusted me to co-admin it with him.
  • AA Server circa '13-'14: L5 primarily and L6 out of 9 before my demotion -r: did not wait long enough to be L6
  • AA2 Server circa '14: L2, then L3 before Gus took the server down.
  • Fk|Clan Server circa '14: L8 out of 10
  • BB Server (Hero’s) circa '14: L7 out of 10
  • NoS Server circa '14: L4 for scrimmage purposes
  • Unknown Server circa '13: L4 out of 9
  • Pk Clan Server circa '13-Present: L5 out of 5, to my knowledge I’m the only non-Pk to hold this position.

Though all of these servers bar AA and Pk are unfortunately down, various people can vouch for my admin on those servers including but not limited to;

Hero (Fk and BB)
Cerkitz (QQ, AA, Fk)
Effect (Unknown)
Gus (AA2)
Flattire (AA and Pk)
Evoker (AA)
Tamaru (|NN|)
Krtv (Pk)
Face (NoS)

Let it be known because of multiple GUID changes my admin may not be present on AA server, though I still do have admin on Pk server. This is because upon GUID change and before gclub, Pk was the go-to scrim server. Needless to say admin there was necessary whereas admin on AA was no longer necessary due to a population decline.

What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:

Discretion: The idea of being able to decide what should be done in a particular situation while not revealing private information or offending others.

Steadfastness: Being dutifully firm and unwavering, no bias. Completely disregarding friendships, intimacy, or favor while performing administrative action.

Ubiquity: Checking on as well as being present on both servers multiple times daily. Possibly even multi-clienting to be on both simultaneously for a good portion of the day to maintain server upkeep and safety.

What level are you applying for:

The level that mirrors AA’s L6: L7 (Hovel Glitchmaster)

Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):

Yes (in order of agreement):

  • Shuffle
  • Cerkitz
  • Krtv
  • Maejong
  • Romdos
  • Ckit

I’d appreciate any questions regarding anything that pertains to my application.
Thanks for the consideration, cheers.


Glad to see you finally applying and good luck friend! :kissing_heart:

Good luck bird friend !
If I can F1 this I totally will !

I’ll get your poll set up, Stranger.

What’s up bird! Good luck!

Welcome bird! Glad to see you applied. Good luck with your application. You got my vote.

Nice app, good luck.

f2 because you didnt add me in same timezones :frowning:

No jk nice app and gl!

good luck

OMG BURD good luck budd

Passed at L6 for a 2 week probation.