[PASSED] Cerk for admin, again

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server: Cerkitz

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often: Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub: I see no reason as to why I can’t resume my position as admin on the GrangerHub servers. Just like every other admin I want to help regulate the server and keep the rules intact. Also, I miss hanging out with you guys.

• What is your past admining experience:
Level 9 on AA server (Highest level)
Level 5 on BB server (Highest level)
Level 6 on AA2 (High admin)
Level 7 on GrangerPub (High admin)

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin: Being helpful, active, and having a wide perspective to be able to look every situation from different angles.

• Are any level 6+ admins willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank): Hero, Helper Bot, Ckit, Bird, Evoker

• What level are you applying for: Level 7


Welcome home, good to see you back at your post

Good luck @Cerkits , @Cerkitz , @Cerk , @xCerkitz , & @moonvampire :smiley: ! (Your accounts probably should be consolodated someday, I suggest you pick moonvampire as your new in-game name :wink: )

moonvampire aka how to sound gay as fuck without pronouncing a word

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Lmao moonvampire.

F2, oh wait shit I’m vouching. F1.


Good luck @Cerkits. :slight_smile:


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welcome back

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@Cerkits I’m passing this bc you didn’t really need to reapply. You’re being set to probationary L3 while you get caught up on policy changes. Welcome back.