[PASSED: L5] The Evoker's Admin Application - Level 6

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server: TheEvoker, The Evoker, Rekove, Invoker, Henry, sh!tsandg!ggles, and a myriad of other names at various times. My registered name is TheEvoker.^Fk, however that should be removed at some point if an admin is willing since I’m no longer in the Fk clan.

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often: My timezone is PST, and I currently play Tremulous between the hours of 10am PST-4am PST, while usually being on a minimum of once a day for a duration of 20 minutes at the very least. These ratios may change in the future and are subject to my views on necessity. The times vary since I work, but it is what it is.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub: The reasons for applying for admin vary. I would like to help the Tremulous community again as I tried to do in the past. I have been encouraged to apply by Ckit and have therefore taken the time to do so. I have extensive experience with the commands used in Tremulous, and I would like to be on the server team and help be responsible for the well-being of the server. I would like to think I have both been humbled and yet hardened by my experiences in the past regarding adminning.

By “humbled” I mean that I used to think I was one of the most efficient admins in Tremulous, and that type of thinking is both dangerous and foolish. I was made to look like a fool by trolls on AA, and I ended up leaving Trem for an extended period of time to focus on other things. However my mindset has become more healthy and if I were to be accepted as an admin I would be more of a team player. I should be very specific in saying that everything I did during my time adminning on AA was with a hope of bettering the game’s experience and helping the Trem population. I just did it very badly. I would try to control everything and everyone believing I was the only one with a clear mind and it did nothing but cloud my mind and people who cared about me saw this and I pushed them away when they tried to help. The people who hated me hated me the more for it. I would hope that I never again be so arrogant or so brash as I used to be.

By “hardened” I mean that I have learned to take the taunts and jeering that can come from people both questioning your decisions and your actions as you walk through life. Not just on a computer game, but life in general. I would like to think it’s a form of maturity. If you are impartial to what people are saying about you, it’s easier to be focused and to make unbiased decisions. I have learned to care less about myself and put others in front of me. I have learned to let others make their own mistakes and not try to control them with my counsel or my warnings. I have learned that I am no more special than the next person and even though I might be better than someone at one thing, without a DOUBT that person is better than me at something else. An example could be made in the form of: I’m better that someone else at engineering, however that person is better than me at the law. Is either one of us better than the other? No. We are just two people who each have our own strengths.

I would like to be able to deal with any given situation with a degree of certainty that I don’t currently have. I have no problem with asking an admin for help but there are instances when an admin is afk, or doesn’t catch it immediately, although with SSingh9 being given admin, that problem has noticeably changed for the better. He’s a sharp admin.

I like how the new-age admin team for Tremulous seems to care about others more than those of us who adminned on previous servers are used to. It makes me want to be part of it. To be part of something better than before. I would like to join the more organized community.

Due to my past adminning in Tremulous, I am applying for level 6 admin rights. It is a level that is both functional and useful for the needs that I would encounter adminning on the GrangerPub server. It is also a level that doesn’t warrant as much responsibility as my past admin levels have carried. By that I mean: I would like to obtain level 6 admin rights and never be promoted. I have seen how badly I fared being in the highest ranks of admins and while I mentioned above that I have learned much from my mistakes I would prefer to put in safeguards regarding that. I think the current high admins are doing a great job from what I’ve seen of the server and I would simply like a medium level (2/3rds the way up the food chain) to help out.

I have already spoken with Ckit extensively regarding what admin level would be healthy for me and not wanting to be considered for promotion after level 6 since I believe you guys have a decent group already set in place. Feel free to ask him about his conversations with me regarding this topic if you like. He has both been briefed and actively encouraged my mindset about never going above level 6.

• What is your past admining experience: Most notably within recent past I have adminned as a Level 9 admin on the AA server, with experience in levels 3-8 beforehand. I have adminned various other servers including BB, countless clan servers, and have played the game since the end of 2006 giving me a broad range of experience in both server and clan dynasties. I apologize for not being more specific in the exact levels for the other servers besides AA, but I have honestly forgotten and I think it’s better to be blunt and honest about it rather than lie to try to impress. I hope that makes sense to you.

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin: I have read the “server rules” and I have read the “code of conduct” but I do not have permissions to read the “admin guidelines”. I’m not sure if you gain access to them after being given admin rights, or if it’s some sort of test to see who actually takes the time to read what we’ve been told to read or who just “says” they took the time to read through it. Nonetheless, I couldn’t access that one, so I obviously didn’t read it. I agree with 95% of what I read in the topics. The other 5% was a mix of phrasing it differently in my mind or disagreeing with some of your phrasing.

For example: “Have high expectations of others and for yourself. Expect the best out of people but be willing to forgive the worst. Remember that you forgive others for your own sake, as much as theirs. Hold others accountable. Be honest about mistakes, everyone makes them. Be flexible in your ways and be open to change. Give other people ‘the benefit of the doubt’ and don’t take everything at face-value or personally. Don’t hold a grudge. Let it go. Have compassion, everyone is dealing with their own stuff.”

Basically the sentiment is amazing here, the actuality is a bit questionable. As a model this paragraph is a great thing to strive for, but for those who are literal it could be damaging since they could fail and have issues because of it. I know I used to do that. IF the intent of these rules is to be used as a model then I change my 95% to 100%. I assume that’s how it’s meant to be, but figured I’d bring it up.

I believe that an admin should consider others before themselves. I believe that an admin must be willing to learn from their mistakes taking the good from the bad and trying to add the good to their repertoire. I believe that an admin should be willing to lean on others and encourage them in learning. For example a level 7 admin should be willing to help coach and teach a level 3 admin how to use their commands properly and with maturity. I believe that an admin should familiarize themselves with the rules of the server they’re adminning on. I believe an admin should go to the server owner or the head admin if they have a problem instead of trying to solve it themselves, this enforces both the utilitarian side of the high admins and makes it easier on the lower leveled admin. I believe that an admin should act as a person, by that I mean, realize that you’re a person, the people you’re around are people too. It helps a lot. I believe an admin should be easygoing when they can be yet have the ability to do the dirty when need be.

An admin should strive to be unbiased. Problems occur, don’t try to encourage them. Try to have patience, integrity, honesty, willingness to improve, courtesy within reason, and self control. There is a fine line between understanding that this is nothing more than a game and that your ego shouldn’t be the first thing on your mind, and yet understanding that this is nothing more than a game and can’t be taken too seriously. Put the betterment of your real life first, then play games. The more ambitious you are and more driven you are in life, the more it will filter through to your game-play and your interactions in-game.

There is much more I could say, but I feel that people either know me or those who don’t will tell me they want more specific statements.

• What level are you applying for: Level 6. I understand and accept the fact that I may not be given level 6 upon application however I feel I am both experienced and mature enough for its responsibilities. Ckit said that unless the higher levels admins are in agreement to either trust me or watch me then there’s a definite possibility that I’ll only be given level 5 and have to prove myself for 2-4 weeks before being considered for promotion to level 6.

• Is any level 6+ admin willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank): Vouchers listed below.

Confirmed vouchers: Ckit (Level 9), Sonic (Level 6). These vouchers have been recently spoken to an have given me their express confirmation of being willing to vouch for my admin application. To each of you, thank you.

Possible vouchers: MaeJong (Level 9), Bird (Level 8), Hero (Level 7). These vouchers are admins who I either know very well or had given express confirmation of being willing to vouch for my admin application in the past. However, I do not have confirmation that they either are willing to vouch or are still willing to vouch due to my departure from Fk. I would hope that their opinions are non-biased on this matter, however if that’s not the case; no worries. I appreciate your time either way.

Please feel free to get to know me, either in-game or on the forum. Ask questions, relay concerns.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,


P.S. One more reason I applied now is that many of the vouchers I used to have or have now are from the Fk clan. I was hesitant to apply before since it could be seen as extremely biased that so many “clanmates” were giving me the thumbs up. I hope that now that I’m no longer a part of Fk, their judgment isn’t questioned because of it. Thanks again.


Thanks for applying. Your poll is up.

From your experience on GrangerPub so far, what are the current strengths and weaknesses in the environment and atmosphere on the server? Which areas can use improvement in your opinion?

Good luck on your application :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you Evoker, you have and always will have, my full support.

Btw, your app’s form is really like a formal essay answers! :wink: :thumbsup:

Good luck with being admin! :smiley:

great app f1

Regarding the atmosphere: As I mentioned above, I like that it carries a more friendly environment than AA did. A major part of why I’d like to admin with you guys.

I think one weakness is that sometimes that friendliness can go overboard, it does seem to be lax at times regarding warnings, but maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention.

Regarding the environment: I think the maps in the rotation are somewhat questionable as a few lead to either excessive camping. EBunker seems to be a major problem since it encourages humans to use long corridors to camp forcing the aliens to either rally some sort of offense while the humans backpedal and feel like they’re skilled at Tremulous, or for the aliens to camp while waiting for evos creating a stalemate that isn’t productive to anything more than a slow paced, game-state.

Regarding areas of improvement: The answer given above while speaking about the environment basically sums up my ideas of current improvement. I’m sure I’ll have more ideas in the future, and I’ll let you know about them as they come along.

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You must not worry of having only FK only vouchers, I will vouch for you as well dad. Good luck on your application.

Passed level 5 with promotion to level 6 in 1 weeks time.