Personal Server Questions

Suppose you have these maps in your server base folder: example1, example2, example3, example4 and example5. Suppose that you only want your players to be able to use maps example1 and example2.
How do you make it so that only maps example1 and example2 are usable?
(What I mean is that only example1 and example2 can be used, either by !map or by callvote, in another way this question could be worded like this:"How do you set a maplist? [not a maprotation])

EDIT: Problem solved.

Why not delete the maps that are not example1 or example2 (unless we’re talking about default maps…)?

On a 1.3 tremded, you would edit the fs_pak_default cvar to only include “map-example1.pk3 map-example2.pk3”.

Additionally, you could put just those maps into the \playmap map pool, and disable votes.


Well, you see that I’m just running a small local server off the computer I usually play on (sometimes to do small things, sometimes to experiment.) But also, it’s the device I use to connect to grangerhub. Basically, the server and my client share a %appdata% base folder.

Copy the %appdata%\Tremulous folder to a different name, like %appdata%\Tremded, then when launching the server, add +set fs_homepath "C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Tremded\"

Be sure to delete unnecessary duplicate files from the new Tremded folder (such as maps you don’t want to be playable, from the \base\ folder).