[POLL] Map Selection in Intermission

I have seen this used in some servers before, players select through common binds the next map to be played in the server, this screenshot have only 3 options, but as far as I know there can be more. Imagine having 10 maps to select while intermission using common binds to select them just as shown in the picture, of course, this happens only if a next map vote wasn’t called during the match.


Link to QVM which holds this system: GitHub - luislezcair/VelozQVM: Custom Tremulous QVM with GeoIP support

#Would you like this idea to be implemented as a tool for players to easily select the next map?

  • Yes, I like it!
  • No.
  • This idea would be good to implement with some changes. (please explain in a post)

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There should be a map voting UI easily accessible at any time during the map, where you can add any map to be voted on (maybe limit to just at most one added vote per person), and throughout the match, players could vote for one of the maps in that selection, or add a new map to the selection, and should be able to change their votes at any time (even remove their added vote if it has 0 votes so that they could choose to add a different one).

When intermission begins, the added maps would be shown similar to the screenshot WoodBury showed above, you can vote for one of the maps shown, or you could change your vote at any point during the intermission, you could no longer add maps to the votes. none of the above should be an option (using vote no), and the next playmap map should be displayed, to show which map will be played next of the vote fails. The results of the vote should not be shown before the vote is over.

##Let’s do map votes when displaying scoreboard at end-game.

##Show 3 options with levelshot previews.

We will have 3 ways to pick which maps are shown, which will have the following priority, going from highest to lowest:

  • Playmap map queue
  • Suggested nextmap
  • Maps from maprotation.cfg

Essentially this would be a mix of the map queue maps, suggested maps, and then rotation maps only if the first two aren’t there.

IF there are multiple maps in the map queue:
Show the first 2 for map option 1 and 2, and
For the 3rd, show the first suggested nextmap.

For just one map in the map queue:
Show the singular queued map for option 1, and
Show the first two suggested nextmaps for option 2 and 3.

IF nothing is in the queue:
Show the first two suggested nextmaps for map option 1 and 2, and
For the 3rd, the next map from rotation.

IF no maps are queued and no maps have been suggested:
Show three options from map rotation.

i 100% love this map vote idea! PLEASE lets implement this. if possible on pub. this would solve the rotation issue. it works great on all other games.

This could be done if the maps on the screen were part of whatever rotation the server was on at that moment in time. This way it could be changed according to the number of people on the server.

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This idea would depend on the number of players in the server, but not depend on an actual rotation, instead a selection of maps ideally selected to match the number of players connected at that moment.

You just described the rotation that is currently being worked on. The application might be different here, but that’s essentially what the rotation is.

i don’t like it because i don’t know what problem is solves and how. so: why do we want this? how many maps will be there? 3 or 60 (every map from the server)? if 3, how will they be chosen? will we completely remove /callvote nextmap? if no, which one will have precedence?

besides it’s a bit waste of time - map can be voted with a vote during the game.

The way map votes work currently, there is a small window of opportunity to vote on a single map at any point in the game, likely during action. Players can join/leave at any time after a vote is passed, meaning that the overall players who actually stick around for the next map, might have a different preference.

Players who might be neutral or on the fence for a yes/no vote on a single map, might definitively vote yes or no on another map presented to them. Giving players an option to choose between multiple maps makes it more likely that they would choose a map they would prefer to play, rather than abstain from a map they feel neutral on.

But I think this should not be the only time to vote, but be the end process of voting. There should be a way for people to add maps to this map voting system at any time during the match, and people should be able to view the currently added maps, and be able to cast a vote on any of those (as well as be able to change or remove their votes).

When intermission begins, right after the score, the three maps that got the most votes during the game would appear as options in this intermission voting prompt, and players could choose to cast their votes if they haven’t already, or change their votes, or remove their votes. if none of the votable maps win, then the next map would be the next map in the /playpool , and if not applicable, the next map would be the next map in the rotation.

This worked great on House of Nuts way back when. Just don’t replace normal voting with it.

How should such intermission voting fit in with “conventional” voting?

Currently it’s a distraction and can excludes the prefences of players who joined late. Better to do this at a fixed time, decided right before you actually play the map you are picking.

I propose that /callvote nextmap would not trigger a vote and would instead just add the map to the list of suggested maps to include in the after-game vote.

Players will be able to use playmap queue and suggestions at any time.

and what about /callvote map?

I think that should be disabled. nextmap votes (of some form) combined with draw votes would allow you to change the map early if desired by the active players on the server. If the map selection process is working well, the overall desire to change the map early should drastically decrease.

gotta be descriptive

I believe Nuts had it so every few maps it would pop up the intermission voting thing with a list of 3-5 (I forget the number) maps to vote between. The rotation simply had slots in it listed as votes, and it would pick maps to vote on based on the number of players (I think). Not sure how exactly you’ll be implementing this, but it’s a nice addition to rotation, and would provide some nice data for which maps are popular (it would be hard to miss a vote that takes up your whole screen). I think that /callvote map and /callvote nextmap both have their valid purposes, so I dislike removing either one entirely.

Terrible idea. It makes absolutely no sense to disable /callvote map.