Private Messages idea for 1.3

Lvl 1 admin for priv message.

I think private messages should be somehow controlled to avoid abuse of them since there is no way for and admin to notice it in the moment. Having it like a flag for registered players only and for the future Karma system level 1 could avoid secret threatening messages from unwanted or unregistered visitors. (desala & others presentations of it)

Please place your thoughts about this.


This is most certainly a must.

if level 1 is enough then desala can !register, spam until ban, rename, reconnect, !register spam…
!ignore isn’t enough?

Not with the Karma system, he would have to play nicely for some time until achieving level 1 or 2 and that’s when private messages are unlocked, working each time to get level 1 or 2 is a time wasting feature for those who behave like desala. And yes, /ignore is enough, but as I have seen in game, not a lot of players use it, even the times when I or other admins suggest to use it agains’t a person spamming private messages.

Private messaging would probably not be allowed from just registering, but it might be allowed starting from the level above registering, or maybe even starting from the level above that.