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adv goon is flying rant of scum

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automatic construction of first forward bases ? plausible.

PS: domination mode

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here’s a better account:

an advanced dragoon can kill a light-armored, helmeted human in

  • distance time + 1200 ms without poison;1
  • distance time + [600 ms with 60% chance, otherwise 601–1000 ms uniformly] with poison, assuming no medkit involved.2

1 distance time, 1st chomp (48 damage), 600 ms delay, 2nd chomp (96 damage), 600 ms delay, 3rd chomp (kill).
2 distance time, 1st chomp (48 damage), 600 ms delay, 2nd chomp (96 damage); also poison (8 damage) at some time: if the phasing falls within the first 600 ms of at most 1000 ms, then (kill) by the time of the 2nd chomp, otherwise (kill) depending on where the phasing falls in the following 400 ms.

a tyrant can kill a light-armored, helmeted human in

  • distance time + 750 ms.3

3 distance time, 1st chomp (60 damage), 750 ms delay, 2nd chomp (kill).

similarly, an advanced dragoon can kill a battlesuited human in

  • distance time + 1800 ms without poison;
  • distance time + 1200 ms with poison, assuming no medkit involved.4

a tyrant can kill a battlesuited human in

  • distance time + 1500 ms.

4 zomg !

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Beside all those “math calculations”, a tyrant normally can kill 3 shotguns + helms, goons and adv can’t (due to the fact that if I fail a chomp probably I’ll die, if I fail a maul I still have 360 hp)

Plus, normally if ppl see an adv goon they rush him with no doubts, if they see a tyr they run away (fear factor or call it how you want).

Rant reach is 32 units longer than adv goon and is wider, it has 150 more hps, it has more speed when just walking, it can use primary attack while charging, it has x2 health regen aura, it has mo4r regen without the aura and it has a FAT_FUCKING_ASS that blocks humans when they try to dodge. G4Y.

U r also WRONG, the adv goon can use barbs to weaken them before engaging and still winrar.

Uhh, 3 shotguns will do an instant 168 damages to you regardless of whether you’re a rant or a goon, just saying. 2 or 3 secs == dead rant, 1 or 2 secs == dead goon. BUT the rant has the N1GGER charge that’ll throw people in all directions also.


Yes find me someone that menages to catch hummies with at least 2 barbs on 3. Plus adv goon is misundestanding: 3 barbs x 3 adv goon = RC down. But ppl want to do Trem champagne.

If they are in circle. In RLG (real life games lol), other 2 shotguns kill the first one.

Anyway you exposed with your last post that tyr is overpowered and so the best alien (aura, regen, charge, etc.).

Case closed pls

Uhm pretty much anyone that plays adv goon on a regular basis, too many to make a full list. Plus only one barb (IF LOCDAMAGE ISN’T BEING G4Y - ie, barbing in a specific angle even if it’s in the head will do minimal damages - but even just 4 damages will allow a 2HK or might them waste medkit) can do up to 70ish damages if not more… Pollacks r just bad and no one is teamworking.

Really, what does it take to barb a human for sure? Camping a corner and waiting (OH, something the rantwhores know how to do great!) and timing the barb (not even accurately in packs of humans). I’m not talking about chase-barbing and stuff like that.

Adv dragoon is 10 times better at attacking bases, running (not just from fights, but around the map), and it has access to a shittrillionzillon tactics where the rant is just HURR DURR CAMP CORNER KILL BLOCK BLEED. Aside from the large HP pool/easier suit extermination (larger hit detection) a good player has literally no benefits in ranting vs an adv goon. You’d rather learn how to use the adv goon efficiently in combat because you can’t devolve from tyrant.

Remember that game we had the other day with 5 adv maras? That was pretty epic and never required any ranting let alone gooning. The fun thing in that is, 85% of the games played in 1 day will have humans with such a shit level. Yet we see like 3 rantwhores in every one of them. Problem? People just pick the bigger alien because it’s the more expansive one or smth instead of even giving the goon a try (and the goon is better oh yes it fucking is AND you know it. Not in raw stats (which is pretty much all a rant is), but in the mechanisms (which, in themselves, given the current playerbase can be learned and reach a decently good level in about 3 days).)

Against actual human players - not the shittards we have to fight on a regular basis - the outcome of the fight is the same! Omgbbqwtfhax.

TEAMWORK AND TACTICS NOT FUCKING WALKING RAW STATS. Otherwise yes, let’s all lucisuit/chainsuit and rant like braindead fucks and be as inefficient as possible on each team.

What a fucking messy post.

Btw you should make a new post about these things. This topic supposed to be about scrim. Just saying.


This thread hasn’t been about scrims ever since the first 10 posts. We are talking game mechanics anyway which can be in either scrims or pub games. Sameshit.

Someone has to try scrimming and disallow both suits and rants and see how it goes.

Well they camp and if the rush failed you are fucked because you wont have evos :smiley: There were some examples in scrims.

why did spamo get deliberately flagged?

is stating your own opinion against the rules now?

um iirc i was in that pug and for some fucking reason we were forced to have altair on our team who 1) built a shitty base on humans 2) fed aliens s3 after finishing said base and 3) fed humans 16 kills when we switched to aliens, then complained humans were stage 2 and we weren’t helping him rush, and he rq’d. We had a pretty decent team with ninja, hero, ckit and me but with this fucking clown on our team you should be ashamed you even let us get s3 on humans.

edit: and we played garbage on aliens, but then again dretch vs helmet is a lost war to start with

Its a shame you lost 2 rounds and you were nearly all on discord we just used team chat. Meaning our organization was fucked a lil bit. Well I wasnt allowed to pick ckit even tho I was the one who was missing the 5th player :smiley: and u had Dwnld as picked first. But yeah lets blame it all on alta who was building. But you had Rhez too :smiley:


in conclusion there’s nothing wrong with the game, if u want to nudge H towards better chances u can simply increase hbp to 102 (extra ret) or 104 (extra node) and decrease abp to 70 or 80 and adjust time limits. otherwise there’s nothing unfair about “scrim” which is a match where u specifically alternate teams so everyone has the same opportunities.

You say this as if you scrim… Last time I checked you refuse to scrim every time.

“dear lord…” is not an opinion, it’s a reaction.

I have NOTHING against that post and if it were up to me it would have stayed, someone flagged for probably being off topic.

One of the issues was aliens winning most of the rounds, leading to a scrim win from whoever picks alien first, which is caused by several things, including goons on s1, timed evoes, 3 rants on S3 (you literally can’t fight back in a rush composed of 3 or 4 rants), hence my proposal of trying out scrims without rants and suits. Adv goons can defend themselves and take out the base just fine and will make humans get out of the base, where rants will force them to sit inside for a long time and make them wait for the aliens to make a mistake (if they don’t flat out rush and annihilate all chances of humans seeing victory instantly). A similar, probably better solution would be to restrict rant usage to 1 or 2 per team max.

I will repeat it because of the post deletion, but people used to win scrims before even reaching S3, or in 30 minutes less than pretty much any of the scrims you can see nowadays. I suspect mass rantwhoring to be part of this problem. Most of that additional time comes from unwanted camping.

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