Proposal: Better capacitors for Tesla turrets

Tesla Turret | 12 BP

Short-range defensive structure, accumulates charge when not in use.

When charged, it should release two bursts of 200 damage per second until it runs out of charge, at which point it should start attacking aliens with a continuous but weak stream of electricity, weaker than the normal turrets. It should be able to accumulate up to 600 damage points worth of charge over the course of 5 minutes. Because Teslas only release charge in large bursts, humans will have to make sure to not let dretches and other small aliens waste it.


This is a pretty good idea for example there was also a Flamer Turret, but it had its drawbacks too. I would like to see some more turret types for defense since humans really only have two base defenses: Turrets and Tesala’s while aliens have: Acid Tubes, Trappers, Hives and Slime zungs.