Proposal for a new Alien Class: Eggdog


I found assets with a creative commons attribution license:

What should the attributes be for this new class?


Angry Birds!!! xD


They should have 1 hp and splatter everywhere causing acid damage on explosion and every tick per X delay someone stands in the acid.

(Like the alien structures explosion but at a bigger scale.)

And maybe they could be slippery, leaving a trail of goop behind where it could be like ice or a sticky goo that the player would slide on or stick to, reducing in slower movements or increased but hard to control movements for the one attacking the egg.


Type: late-game support class (as alternative to Tyrant).

Function: help other players to break through heavy human defenses.


  • Functions as a mobile booster without poison.

  • Channels egg energy into the closest egg from other eggs, which increases the spawn rate from the closest egg.

  • Channels egg energy from eggs into nearby evolving aliens, vastly decreasing the time needed to completely evolve.

  • Low health but high mobility: can pounce (low damage), roll on the floor (controllable), and bounce off of walls. Heavy impacts cause it to lose a bit of health, but it regenerates rapidly.