Proposal: Totem game modifier

Each side can build a single totem pole that can accommodate 3 totems. Every so often, a totem will spawn in a random place. Totems float above the ground and, when touched by a player, attach themselves to the player with a visible energy link and keep following until that player is killed or moves too far away. There should ever be only one free-floating totem on the map at any given time. There also should never be two totems of the same type present at any given moment, but if an totem is destroyed another totem of the same type can spawn later.

There are two types of totems: plant totems that affect structures and animal totems that affect players. Totems automatically attach themselves to totem poles if when they are close enough to each other. The only way to remove an totem from a pole is by destroying it. Totem poles with at least one totem should be indestructible and impossible to deconstruct, but should be able to be moved, complete with the totems.

Totem examples:

  • Bat

    • Humans: natural echolocation (free and enhanced radar effect).
    • Aliens: vampire (heal by dealing damage).
  • White Dove

    • Humans: helping hand (if you use a medkit near a team mate, the team mate will be partially healed as well).
    • Aliens: divine retribution (assigns a karma value to each human, at max karma you earn as many credits as you would normally, but at lower karma you earn less, you lose and recover karma by harming team mates and enemies respectively).
  • Cactus

    • Both: flexible requirements (structures are able to be built and function beyond the power or creep range, with the utility scaled based on how far they are from the power source).